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A/N: This is it you guys the ending it's rushed but I have an epilogue for you guys so you will know what happens to characters after all this! <3 Thank you for supporting this story.
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"Please...I need you to help Namjoon out of this pit..." The girl from the other end sighed,"Ever since mom and I left I have never been in contact with him...what makes you think he'll listen to me?" I bit my lip,"Because the moments before you guys left he was still human...so please..." There was a pause on her end and she nodded,"Okay I'll do it. Since I don't want him to end up like our dad." I smiled,"Thank you I owe you one." I then hung up the call and immediately called Jimin, "Jimin don't do anything stupid. I found a way to possibly free Kurumi..." I heard a silence on his part, "Right now...she's in her room talking to Hoseok about their escape plan..." I clenched my fist,"Dammit Jimin better be careful...and I'll come over now to tell you guys my plan okay?" He sighed, "Okay I will. And alright I'll wait for you."
Dammit Jimin you'll just put yourself in danger. Namjoon nowadays is not the normal calm and collected Namjoon that we know. It's dangerous to be pulling this shit now. No one knows what he'll do to you.
"Mi Mi!" I said as I ran in her room locking her in a tight embrace,"Hoseok..." She reluctantly put her arms around me, "We have to be fast what if Namjoon comes by..." I smiled at her,"Everything is fine even if he comes I'll fight him off...just like those bullies back in the day..." She smiled,"Idiot..." I patted her head,"I told you I'm your prince. So we were planning on just exposing him. Everything he does if we get Jimin to agree in being a witnes--." She grabbed my hand,"No...he worked hard enough for all this there has to be another way we can't just destroy him like tha--" She looked behind me in fear I turned around and saw a man with silver hair,"Y-Yoongi...this I..." He shook his head,"It's okay Kurumi...I'm here to help..." I looked at him tilting my head,"Min Yoongi...Namjoon's bestfriend...why should I trust you?" He looked down and with almost begging eyes,"I want to help him...and I have better plan than what you have." I though for a second. Was saving him an option? Will he stop bothering Kurumi if we save him. I then nodded,"Okay proceed." Yoongi then took a seat near Kurumi's bed,"I contacted his little sister..." Kurumi looked confused considering she has no idea about Namjoon's past.
"And?" He scowled at me and sighed,"She can talk some sense into him...Maybe even save him from becoming like his father." I looked at Kurumi, "If that's what you guys want to do...but that doesn't change the fact that he hurt Kurumi..." Yoongi scoffed, "Well I mean your father did ruin his life, and Jimin's...and my own so the least you can do is help us." I looked at Yoongi, "Yeah...my father was not a good man and I want to be different from him..."
"And so does Namjoon...so Hoseokie lets help him okay?" I nodded,"I guess in a way we are the same. Both reaching for the top, both with trashy fathers and--" A sudden thundering clap took over the whole room. "Yoongi...my own bestfriend...who knew I had no one to trust." He then ran his fingers through his hair and glared at me then at Yoongi,"Take him in." Inside then came in Jimin almost unconscious from the beating,"Jimin!" Kurumi ran out her bed and held Jimin holding him up,"What is wrong with you he's your bestfriend." Namjoon scoffed and kicked Jimin in the stomach making Jimin cough out blood,"I am not friends with a bunch of traitors."
"ENOUGH! Namjoon you're turning into your fa--"
"DON'T EVER SAY THAT!" Namjoon roared as he looked at Yoongi, then at Jimin and lastly at Kurumi. "Look at her...she has bruises all over her..." I watched as Yoongi took out his phone from behind him and dialed a number without Namjoon's knowledge. "I-I am nothing like that bastard. He was weak. He was...He was..."
"Namjoon..." Kurumi put Jimin down gently as she stood up and walked towards Namjoon and she was about to touch his face when he flinched and ended up swinging his arm hitting Kurumi. "Kurumi!" Jimin, Yoong and I said in unison as she fell to the ground and tried to get up,"No! Stay where you are. I don't want anyone else getting hurt please...."
I watched as Hoseok tried to approach me but Yoongi stopped him, "Namjoon...look I don't know who you're talking about but I know the feeling of being helpless and alone. But Namjoon you have Jimin and Yoongi. You've always had them..."I scoffed at her remark,"You don't know anything...a girl who has the luxury of forgetting everything she went through has no right to lecture me about overcoming something like what I had gone through." She looked down,"You're right I forgot but that wasn't my choice nothing was...the only choice I had was to kill myself..." She then chuckled, "I couldn't even do that correctly." I then stared at Kurumi when someone suddenly barges into the room,"I said let me go I need to talk to Mr. Kim Namjoon!" The voice seemed familiar but I ignored it. "Youngji..." I turn my head as Yoongi said her name I looked at the girl,"Is it really you? Y-Youngji..." The young girl nodded as an older looking woman also walked in to the room. "Joonie..." I looked at her astonished as I ran into her arms,"M-Mom..." I heard her crying as her warmth had taken over the coldness I was feeling.
"We haven't seen you in so long. Can you forgive mom for leaving you with him?" She patted my head as she hysterically cried choking on her own tears, "I came back for you but he stopped me...he wouldn't let me go near you..." I then looked at my mother. Her aging face making realize all the moments I have missed, "No don't apologize for anything it was his fault." I then looked at my little sister. She was all grown up now. I then looked around me and saw Jimin on the floor hurt. Kurumi who was covered in bruises. I started to cry as I approached Kurumi,"I-I will--" I stopped as she hugged me. I hesitantly put my arms around her,"I don't deserve your forgiveness I hurt you and I took advantage of your weaknesses." She smiled,"Desperation does the worst to people...and I maybe young but I too know what ambition can have people doing...Let's just pretend none of this happened and we can live happily okay?" I nodded. "Kurumi...thank you...I think they call you a genius for a different reason. You are wiser than all of us but in a different sense..." She chuckled,"If you put it that way I don't mind being called a genius." I watched as she approached Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin.
I looked at Jimin and apologized to him,"I-Im sorry Jimin...I did something like this to you I--" He chuckled, "When I decided to help Kurumi I prepared myself knowing you weren't yourself lately...so it's okay I won't hold it against you buuuut a raise sounds nice doesn't it Yoongi?" I chuckled as Yoongi nodded,"Okay call. I'll even share the position of CEO with you guys...Yoongi thanks for finding them..." He smiled at me and shook his head,"Just fulfilling a promise I made to my bestfriend years ago...and you saved us the least we can do is to save you before you have done anything worse." Hoseok then approached me and bowed down to me deeply," I am deeply sorry...for everything my father had done to your father..." I shook my head," No he didn't do anything...I realize that he allowed himself to go that far...he had a chance to change himself...but he never took the opportunity but I am not him so I'm taking this chance..." He smiled at me and nodded her head.

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