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"Oh dammit!" I got up from my bed and went straight into the bathroom and saw that my clothes was already laid out. Thank you Satoshi. I sighed and put on my clothes, rushed my makeup and dashed out of my room, "I am leaving!" I said as I dashed out of my apartment and into my car.
While in the car I looked at the picture of the boys, their girls and me on my dashboard. It made me smile. Three years have passed and so much has happened in that time. Taehyung and Soo Kyung were already married, Jungkook and Hyeri are engaged and believe it or not me and the girls are no longer in a feud. Jimin had found his match and got tied down by a beautiful girl, who happened to be my sister. Yoongi has been the kings of negotiations and has helped QRS rise even more and Namjoon spent most of his days with his mother and little sister, making sure to make up for lost time. And the feud between Hoseok and the trio has vanished. In fact they were business partners now and everyone in the industry fears them. Of course with my help. I had done more research on the serum and customer satisfaction is 100% making QRS and XYZ the most successful skincare companies in all of Asia.
When I reached my destination I jumped out of my car, locked it and headed inside the cafe, "Guess who finally made it." I rolled my eyes at Taehyung, "Shut up Tae I woke up late." He then giggled,"How can the main character alive late like this," I turned to Jungkook, "Oh no JK not you too..." He smiled when someone hugged me from behind, "When I left this morning you said you'd be here on time..." I turned around and kissed Hoseok on the cheek," I know but I stayed up all night doing research and you knew better than to trust me I was still half asleep."
"Hey get a room you two." I looked at Jimin who was with Yoongi and Namjoon and I just stuck a tongue out. "Anyways why did you guys need me here?"I then turned around when Jin and Sooyung came out with a cake. I tilted my head confused, "What's going on its not my birthday?" Sooyung then motioned for me to turn around and when I did infront of me was Hoseok kneeling on one knee and holding out a black velvet box, "I'm sorry for making you wait but what is a prince without a princess? Mi Mi... No Kurumi will you marry me?" I looked around as I nodded repeatedly,"Of course I will." Everyone then pulled on their poppers having confetti fly everywhere. "Congrats you two!" Everyone cheered as I kissed Hoseok. I pulled away but he grabbed me by the waist and had given me a deeper kiss not giving me a chance to break free. "I love you Kurumi..." I smiled and gave his lips a peck," And I love you more...Jung Hoseok."

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this was truelly beautiful I love it too bad it ended so soon I wish it were longer but even tho it was short I still loved it (^v^) please keep on taging me on future stories