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This guys name is Jonny. Hes from Chicago, Ill. He was supposed to be the 13th member of EXO
He trained with them and hung out with them. Though Jonny was cut for some reason, he is now going to debute after 9 years of training. Hes going to be an addition of NCT.
hes currently 22.
If he had debuted with EXO he would have been the only Korean American in the group
Thanks for reading^^
He's fineeeee as hell
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well shit. just when you thought you knew everything. welp, back to the drawing boards.
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Stop being so shady SM and debut my boy johnny already #debuyjohnnybefore2k17 #debutjohnnyatleastbeforehedies
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Lol right? I swear Johnnyboy needs to debut!
a year ago
Hey he's 22 I'm 21 he's from Chicago omg so am I's meant to be xD lol
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what about Timoteo?
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