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there was an awesome card in the fairy tail community which got me to support Gajeel and Juvia as my brOTP, but I'm curious as to what you all have to say. Another one i could possible consider as my second place is Zoro and Shanks, i mean two swordsmen who enjoy drinking, and are loyal af. (brOTP= best friends, non romantic)
ugh, so many! Some of my favorites are Kakashi & Gai (Naruto), Urahara & Yoruichi (Bleach; I totally ship, but I think they make a great BroTP as well), Soul & Black☆Star (Soul Eater), Luffy & Zoro (One Piece), and, my latest, Gon & Killua (Hunter x Hunter; only >20 episodes in, but I love the 2 of them!). I have many more, but I don't wanna overwhelm you! 😅
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Seems like a legit time frame, lol
Chopper and usopp 😊
i would say Zoro too... no lie the loyalty that zoro has shown made my mouth drop lol so respect to my boy Zoro!