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I live for kpop comeback's and this comeback was the one I was the most excited for and they didn't disappoint one bit! I'm also very excited for BTS's comeback!!!


Just off the teaser's alone I knew this mv and song was gonna be amazing. Once it came out, I was so pumped to watch it and I love it so much!!!
To start off, visually this music video is vibrant and aesthetically pleasing to watch. The transitions are cool. The song itself has a great beat, it feels like a GOT7 song. I heard people complaining about how it sounds similar to a BTS song and I don't think it's true at all. It sounds nothing like the BTS style. GOT7 has always had their own style and this song is amazing. "Hard Carry" gets you pumped up and I feel like dancing whenever I hear it. Everyone looks extremely hot in the mv, especially JB (MY BIAS!). They killed it, that's all I have to say and the choreography is as great as usual. GOT7 doesn't disappoint me when it comes to choreo. They always slay in looks and music!
"Hard Carry" is obviously doing very well right now considering it's only been 1 day since it came out and it's already at 3 million views on YouTube. That's impressive, this song is skyrocketing GOT7's popularity in a great way! I'm so proud of them and love them so much!!! <3

What did you guys think of the new GOT7 comeback?

Let me know in the comments! ^.^~

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how in the world do u get all that time girl lols for everything kpop animes md korean dramas i envy u lols
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I will lol and yes they are!