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Well at least now everyone knows that boy meets "evil" right? BigHit is always trolling us ARMY haha! But about that comeback trailer though?! It was fire! It was lit! Hobi did that! He slayed hard xD Of course he never disappoints us, he's an amazing dancer! One of the best! Shine on sunshine! Everything about the trailer video was deep.
Starting from Namjoon's narration at the beginning. I love his voice! ♡ Anyway this quote from the book of Demian by Hermann Hesse, I think it's saying when you're going through a rough time in your life, you tend to give up hope and you start to think and do things negatively. So it's like you're letting the devil get to you? or just destroying yourself; just when you think you're doing something, the devil is smiling, which means he held you in his clutches just like what the quote say. "The enemy was behind me", it indicates just like when you have friends and you think they're good for you but they're not because they're backstabbers, etc. So basically my point is when you're working with devil, nothing good comes out of it. Not sure if you guys understand lol its just what I think.
Okay! moving on with the comeback trailer "Boy Meets Evil"! It's beautiful isn't it? :) I can't stop watching it. The trailer was released September 25th.


cr. hobuing Deep lyrics. Parts of the lyrics like "Because of childish love I lost my way of dream", It could mean that you're focusing too much on your love life and not fulfilling your dreams. Or it could be that love can get in the way of your dream. Pretty much the same. "I sharpened my knife of poisonous ambition but to the unbearable greed, the knife has gotten dull", this could mean that you're being too greedy to the point you don't care about anything and you let that greed change who you really are and you start to act differently from the people you love. "This love is another name for evil. Don't hold my hand. Even though I shout it, I betrayed my conscience", well some love can be evil. Love has its bad turns.. It could be something or somebody you love but again it's not for you or will turn you into a different person. You want parts of it but you don't. Love can make you do unbearable things therefore it could be evil. "That greed would become a horn calling upon hell", meaning that greed can lead you into destruction. "But to be freed from this sin, I cannot give up forgetting it", could possibly mean confess that you are a sinner, of course you're not perfect, and ask GOD for forgiveness. "Because those lips were too sweet, my future was abandoned to the love for you. When I woke up, traps were everywhere. Untouchable cold gazes. I cry for miracles, in this reality. Being insanely happy, I was a fool, addicted to your sweetness", I think behind a love you think that is so sweet, it can be nothing but lies. Basically, a love can be so sweet, but evil. *In some cases, that is*
Hobi is gorgeous! Well what do you guys think about the comeback trailer? Are you guys ready for BTS comeback? Their comeback will be October 10! I'm not ready but I'm too geeked too! xD I hope you guys liked how I explained the lyrics :) *Photos and video does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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BEAUTIFUL. simply beautiful. 👏👏👏👏