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While Teayang talk about the exhibition...
Button his shirt!!! Why GD why!!!! we all know Taeyang is allergic to "shirt"!!!
No!!! Taeyang you should gone all wild!!!! GO GO shirtless!!!!!!
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@KwonOfAKind iwould love to GET WILD with Taeyang 👿👿👿
a year ago·Reply
sssshhhhhh GD don't tell him to button up. He has been covered up too much after he got his chest tattoo.
a year ago·Reply
GD: **Omg taeyang have a nice chest I wanna touch it** Shakes head come back into reality
a year ago·Reply
Does it not look like TOP was staring down Tae's shirt after GD pointed it out
a year ago·Reply
Yes... and TOP might be thinking 1: "what's a big least he is wearing a shirt" 2: "Good I have my shirt button up" 3: "Why GD didn't tell me to button up as I was two button down!"
a year ago