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BTS has 4 versions of their second full album "WINGS". 96pg Photobook (each version has different pics), 1 random photocard (individual member or group), & 1 poster. Looks nice doesn't it? :D Boy oh boy.. Bangtan is killing me! xD I am so broke lol hopefully I'll come up with some money. Here are the 4 versions below!
1st version | Book 'W' 2nd version | Book 'I'
3rd version | Book 'N' 4th version | Book 'G'
Polaroid Random Photo cards (8 versions) + Poster

'WINGS' is will be released October 10th and Pre-order starts September 28th! So hurry up and go Pre-order your album! :)

By the way, if you didn't know, BTS official store is now in English, Japanese, and Chinese! This makes it more easier for us international fans to purchase BTS merch from the website. You can pre-order the album here Source: (1)

So are guys going to buy their new album? :)

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@gigiandviking also does and tbh Koreanmall is way better
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Yes their sales do =)
YesAsia offers free shipping for orders over 50.00. If you're buying all 4 it's automatically free shipping.
sweet! thanks!
Family: What do you want for Christmas? Me: BTS's new album WINGS but there are different versions.... Family: OK then which one do you want then? Me: Well I would really love to have W.....,I........,N........,and......G馃槃 Family:That's all of them.... Me: Yeah that the one I want馃槅 Family:馃槖
Lol 馃槀 -Taemi 馃惐
Bro i really need a job so i can blow my paycheck on this as soon as i got it
omg same! -Taemi馃惐
Hey you guys did you try these websites? You can choose the versions individually instead of random. This is for anyone else who doesn't want to choose the random option @DesireeChucklez @micahsaysnihao
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Yep! are you going to buy it from there?
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