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June: What do you mean it is the last?
I just mean Today is the last June Tuesday for this Quarter I will defiantly still make cards about you it just might not be on set days anymore.
June: Oh okay then you may continue.
Well Duh everyone is waiting.
So for this final card I will do a bunch of different things.
I absolutely adore June's voice, But his voice really stands out in this trio and their voices just go together so amazingly well. I have to say this is my favorite song.
This picture is seriously way to deadly like why June.
June's random english is so adorable.
His voice is my favorite I don't know how many times I search for videos like this.
So much death in one video......
Now for my favorite hair color on Him it just looks so amazing on him!
So on this note Goodbye June Tuesday's <3 This isn't goodbye for good just for now ^_^
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
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😢....... I just decided that the quarter isn't ending - Konie Crew forever!!!! 😉
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that would be amazing 😁