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SHINee is Back!
What we all been waiting for, SHINee's comeback!!! According to Soompi, SHINee’s Onew is the first member up to introduce a track from their upcoming album via a faux radio show segment! As you see above, that is SHINee's new album called "1 of 1", their fifth full album. It looks like their theme/concept Is the 90's! You can pre-order ther album '1 of 1' here
On September 28 at midnight KST, the group shared via Instagram the first episode of their promotional radio show “SHINee’s Pick!” in which they introduce songs from their new album. Onew is the first member up for the show, and he tells fans about their new song “Don’t Let Me Go” as the track plays in the background. The Korean title is “Transparent Umbrella”, so radio DJ Onew talks about how it feels to watch the rain through a transparent umbrella. You can listen to it here Source: (1)
SHINee has shared two new teaser photos, including one of Taemin that was uploaded in parts their Instagram.


So handsome! ♡

SHINee's latest album is their repackaged album "Married To The Music", which was released August 3, 2015. Their popular single was 'Married To The Music'. It was the repackaged album from their fourth full album 'Odd', which was released May 18, 2015. Their popular single from that album was 'View'. Two awesome albums! My favorites are 'Odd Eyes' & 'Chocolate'.

SHINee will be returning with their upcoming album "1 of 1" October 5th! Who's excited?! because I am!

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