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I need to rant I'm sorry I can't hold it in!

OK guys, I'm sorry but I need to rant or I'm going to scream! ayhoo you guys know Scarlet heart: Ryeo well that show is like the death of me and it all because of of THESE LITTLE CHILDERN!
Hae seo has many Prince's that like her. well I ship Hae seo with the 8th prince Wook cause I like them together but 10th prince Eun likes to um....*cough*.....change that ship! which is alright....*cries a river*...not it's not because Baekhyun play him and now I want Hae soo with Eun. also 4th prince Wang so is starting to change that ship so right now I have really really bad second lead syndrome! does any one have this problem! comment down below . OK I feel better now thanks for reading this cause I thought I was going to die!
also if you need help with the story line character or who is maried to who! I hope you understand what I mean!
According to that chart, Jung has interest in Soo but I just don't see that in the show. I thought he sees her more of a friend than a love interest. I had a feeling she was going to friend zone So. I HATE that princess, she just completely screwed her brother over. oh my god, that part when when Wook threw his hair pin at the court lady was awesome! ... oh, I mean poor court lady, so sad. This last episode had me in tears.
Oh I just want to slap a couple of princes, a princess, and a queen about now. I adore princes 4, 10, 13, and 14.
Prince Jung vowed to protect her...I don't really think she's a love interest either. He calls her 'sister'
Okay awesome cuz at first I was lik ok 4th prince the lead because wook is married then he becomes a widower and I'm lik okay so he's the main lead then yesterday's episode he just abandons hae soo and I'm like so who are you 1st or 2nd but I totally ship hae so and So since the beginning
@Matokokepa me too! cause the wirter like to troll you a lot!
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