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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome lovely Melodies to another BTOB Peniel Day with none other than Peniel Bae BTOB Mod Supporter: 이솔다! It's a bit saddening that this is the last week for this Q3 period but for sure not the last and hopefully I'll be back to join the group next round. Also this week, the BTOB mods are doing a little something something so check out the lovely detailed card our mod did for you lovely Melodies out thurrr!. --------->HERE<--------- So finally, let check out my favourite memories of our Chi Town Peniel Bae and company. FYI: will be lengthy...
But first!!!! A little spam of my favourite Peniel Bae looks. %_% ahh yas.
And also a few where I think he looks uberly smexy!!! Yas, especially the last one.
You can never to wrong with Korean idols and babies. Perfect combination I think. (Look at how baby Peniel was too)
That Twitter interaction between Kevin and Peniel was just fantastic....there's a whole English speaking one too but this was just too funny.
Some Changsub and Peniel loveliness.
Peniel trolling on Sungjae
Their Wow dance practice goes from sexy to craziness to touchy to manliness. Never a dull moment.
This sums up BTOB for me.
Bonus: Eunkwang oppa's counting skills are fantastic.
And definitely won't forget these babes first win! Amazing!!!
This was great Sol! I loved it. And Eunkwang's counting skills, yeah thats me. Namjoon would be impressed 😉😉😉 lol Peniel is adorable! Just adorable