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Her performance made me uncomfortable >.< and so were a lot of people apparently based on what i read on Twitter, She is 20, Robin is 36 and his wife is present in the audience!! Watch the video! Did she finally cross the line?
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im sure everything was planned and besides, this is nothing...have you seen the unrated mv for blurred lines? he's dancing around with topless girls and he said his wife knew and that in itself shows they have respect and "trust" within their marriage, im sure he wouldnt do anything without telling her.
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What's with Miley's tongue???
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@shoenami hmm, only she can answer that question b/c i dont get it either?? for shock factor i guess?? lolz....
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@cheerfulcallie yeah good point, anyway, i'm more worried about Liam though, I wonder if he still can look at Miley and be sweet after that >.< @shoenami lol
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