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Cory updated ( and since deleted) with this picture saying "Minor car accident, thankfully no one seriously injured."
And then Jeonguk posted "If the airbags didn't get deployed, my head might have gotten deployed... Everyone, drive safely and put on your seatbelts. #I'mOkay".
I'm absolutely pissed about this. Not one 24k fan has posted about this. Soompi hasn't posted about this. I had to find out on allkpop. If it were BTS it would be a different story. EVERYONE would be posting about it. 24k needs more love damnit. They work so hard yet no one acknowledges them. I guarantee the only reason anyone would pay attention to this car accident would be if one of them died. That isn't right.
OMG Noo this is sad=( And messed up that I had to find out through ONE card on vingle😡
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 FREAKED OUT FOR A SECOND..... I'm so glad they're okay! 😭😭😭 And I wouldn't even have known had it not been for this card (because fxck allkpop) 😤😤😤
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I saw it and was immediately like "Oh my babies!! Are they okay?"
Funny thing about this comment. I'm not a fan of 24K because I don't want to get into anymore groups at the moment but Cory kills me and every once in a while I'll like have a breakdown and listen to their music on repeat and currently because I have a 3 week old kitten, I stay up all night with it and my mom gets her during the day so I fell asleep today while listening to Still 24K and ended up having terrifying nightmares. So it's not like they let me sleep anyway hahahaha
I'm glad they're okay but this is ridiculous
I'm glad they're ok, they need more love. So much talent in this group
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