I woke up inside a hospital. 'Where am I?' I started to recognize the faces of the people that were surrounding me. Doctors, nurses, and other guardians for patients. After that, it felt like my sense of touch was coming back to me. Someone holding my hand. I look over to my left hand, and I see a guy. He was wearing a hoodie, head down. I was able to feel his breath being blown on my hand. As I started to move, I felt him get up. "Are you awake?" "Yeah.." A memory flashed through my eyes. "Are you-" He nodded. "Yep, I saved your life." I smiled, "Thank you. I really want to thank you." "It's good." He was still holding my hand, so I tried to move it back. "Oh, sorry.." "It's okay.." "I'll call the doctor." The doctor said I was okay, I just need to put some ointment around my wrists and head so it doesn't get an infection. After that, I started to notice that the guy was just standing there. "You can go home now.. Thanks for everything. Really." "Ummm, actually.. I should stay here." "Huh?" He put the blanket over me and I recognized the scent. Familiar. I remember before I blacked out, I recognized it before. "You... Do I know you?" ".... Do you?" Now that I see his face, He did look familiar. "What's your name?" "My name is... Jungkook." "Jeon Jungkook?" "Yeah.." I couldn't believe it. Jeon Jungkook? My first love. I was mad and happy at the same time. Why wasn't I able to recognize him, Why is he here, What was going on? "Do you not check your email?" "Huh?" "I've been sending you emails since the day I moved to America." Yes, he moved to America. I remember his parents got a divorce and he had to follow his dad to America. He finished high school there. And that happened while we started to like each other. "I'm sorry, I didn't check my emails..." I purposely didn't. After he moved, I saw that he was mailing me. If I saw that, I would miss him too much. I wouldn't be able to forget about him. I wouldn't be able to live. "But.. How did you come here?" He looked down at his feet. "I mean, I'm 28 now. I can do what I want right?" He smiled bitterly. "I wanted to see you." Those words... they were beautiful. "I'm disappointed." "Why?" "I can't believe you didn't recognize me!" I laughed. "You looked a little different, and I wouldn't have imagined that you would come here." He didn't look a little different. He was a lot different. The little innocent look was gone. He was a manly sexy man. "I guess this is what puberty does to you." He giggled. "I mean... You look stunning." I couldn't help but smile. "Look! I love that smile. I missed it. A lot." "Thanks. This is weird.. Meeting each other as adults." "Yeah.." There was an awkward silence. "Hey y/n?" "Yeah?" "Do you remember the night before I left?" "Yeah..." "We had fun that night." Yeah.. My farewell gift. "I can never forget that night."
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Omg! What happened the night before he left? Can't wait for the next chapter