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it's someone birthday yassss (well in Korean standern time)
can you Guess who that is! I think Bo gum and Jung ki know!
you guys are probably like Leo right now! right?
it's shindong birthday today! but there is someone else guess who!
Me! yassss me! as in @Emilygardner! my birthday is tomarrow but since I didn't want to post something like this the day after shindongs brithday! my bday is on the 28 of September bsidjdbenwis crazy right! also give a happy shout out to the other September a happy birthday! guys like my deep face teeehee!
Happy Birthday!
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joongki ❤u❤
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@pandaqueenbee at least I'm not the only one
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mentally scream when i saw his picture xD
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@pandaqueenbee ikr I did too!he so cute 😍
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