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Kanye West showed off the first public photo ever of he and Kim Kardashian's two-month-old daughter, North West. "When my daughter was first born, people ask me how do you feel is everything different? No, not yet. It takes time to understand and you met a brand new person…and the thing I think about as a dad is just protection," the rapper also told Jenner when asked about what being a dad means to him. cr:E!
ehh? i disagree, she is wayyyyyyyyy cuter then Blue Ivy and she looks like a pretty girl....Blue Ivy, smh...hands down... she looks like a cute BOYYYYYY, yep just like her daddy.....just saying...
@blairwitme That and probably the facial structures.. she looks like Jay-Z all over.. but still very cute nonetheless
@shoenami I have to agree with that, I think it's the way they dress Blue as well, she's mostly on jeans and shirts, rarely we see her wearing dresses
@blairwitme Nori looks more like a girl than Blue Ivy
@shoenami but there's something about the eyes
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