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Ugh, @VixenVivi, asking the tough questions.

Let me try to make this card :3

For more info on SHINee week, check out the schedule!

Let's talk about Key.

SHINee was the first group I got to see debut. I had been into TVXQ and all these other really early Kpop groups that had already debuted, but SHINee was a group I could watch the teasers and get excited for.
When I saw Key I just knew.
Reasons why the Replay music video is deadly. I can still feel my heart pang when Key looks in the camera.
On the other hand, I would legitimately love to be best friends with any and all of the members of SHINee. I feel like Minho and Jonghyun would be hilarious to hang out with, and I love Onew and Taemin to bits.

So really, they're all my bias, but Key got into my heart first <3

Mine is Jonghyun!
Freckles Key is so beautiful ♡
It's crazy cause i knew of shinee and fell in love with the way key raps. Then i watched videos and gifs of them and Jonghyun came out of freaking nowhere. now they're both my #1 bias in shinee and i cant pick one over the other.
Mine is Taemin. he's recently jumped to my UB as well.
Ugh! I love that dude! He's my bias!
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