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1: Erza Scarlet 2: Levy McGarden Anime: Fairy Tail 3:Star Butterfly (My version) Cartoon: Star vs the forces of evil Please tell me something that I need to work on! It would be really helpful! ^^
Thanks ,@HunnaBallue! I'll keep on practicing on the eyes then! ^^
Your welcome, and just so you know the eyes are the hardest thing to draw so don't get to frustrated! I still have trouble sometimes and I haven't discovered my own unique style yet ^^ and I've been drawing anime for years now so don't be discouraged ^^
Well if u ever do her full body, I would love to see it finished
Thanks ,@MimmiBumble01! I'm still practicing on drawing full bodies.
Honestly on Star Butterfly, my perspective, I believe that is perfect. If you would of drew her whole body than I think I would be kinda picky to help u out.
I think you did really good I could immediately tell who levy was and Star butterfly the only thing I think may need some work is Erza's eyes they don't really look like Erza's eyes so even though all her everything else in her appearance was perfect the eyes are really what make and break a character, I feel like the eyes are the most unique part of an artists style so that's why I didn't realize it was Erza but other than that I think your doing fabulous ^^