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SHINee Week: Favorite Era



I'm a little biased because Replay was my first era^^

But then I remember the craaaazy hype for Love Like Oxygen/Ah.Mi.Go. That's when I felt like I was really part of the fandom (I even joined my first forum!) so that was a super exciting time too!

I feel like Ring Ding Dong is SO iconic to Kpop history that I need to put it in here, same with Lucifer.

Dream Girl was SUCH an awesome return to the stage and I think that was the last era that I was like OMG IM IN LOVE about.

View and Everybody and everything in that time sort of runs together in my mind if that makes sense?
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Do I have to choose 😢😢😢😢😢
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My hands down favorite... I guess era... was during their Japanese debut and promotional period in 2011 with Replay.
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