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The film centers around a young and ambitious woman named Ji Eun-Yi (Kim Ha Neul) and her human pet (Jang Keun Suk).
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@serbshavemofun thxxxxxx i will def. watch it tonight.. any movies on your list like spellbound? i loved it ^_^
@Nonabisi I have yet to see one that's similar - but I am on the prowl and will let you know ;) I hope you like You're My Pet :D
@serbshavemofun i'm realy thankful when u watch it let me know plz... i'm still searching for lee min ki's monster didn't find it yet
@Nonabisi I can't wait to see it too!!! But I don't think Monster is quite out yet :( But I will definitely keep you posted - if you find something good, let me know too :)
@serbshavemofun def. will thxx have a nice day :)