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I'm so excited my box came in today. These are my goodies I got today.
good thing I have a sweet tooth.
can't wait to try the coffee milk.
I can't even make myself try the shrimp snacks.
I hope this curry isn't very spicy. I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff.
This gum was good but it had a very strong mint flavor. It definitely opened up my nasal passage lol.
The best part of the whole box...I got a BIGBANG hand towel. I'm not going to use it I'm going to frame it.
The shrimp snacks are not that bad. when you open the bag, it does have a strong shrimp smell but it doesn't taste much like it.
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@Helixx Oh yes they are!! I wanted to buy more haha.
I'm going to frame my towel too!