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So... I live in Ontario, CA and I been meaning to go to the library that is in Montclair to see if its true that in the month of September they are giving away pokeballs and u get a chance to enter a raffle to win a big piakchu plush toy. So when today and check out 30 items and got the pokeball so happy I when (^_^). The team mystic pin I got it when I went to the library of Ontario and took over the gym there thanks to my younger brothers help we all got a pin. cool right!
Did you know someone made a poneball Bluetooth that you throw ant Pokemon recgonices it and throws a ball. It doubles as a portable charger that can charge a phone 3 times before it needs to be recharged.
@AnimeFreak484 no I didn't know that thanks for the info I'll look into that (^_^)
@shadow3750 It was fan made but I think Nintendo might buy the idea
@AnimeFreak484 cool, well I kinda need a portable charge. my bro has portable charge that can charge his phone 5 times and two phones at a time I been meaning to get one too