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If you can't read the image:

Red Velvet: always orders dessert, hasn't done laundry in months, giggles when someone says the word "come"
APink: their laugh is so cute it makes everyone else laugh, super supportive friend, makes the best tea esp when raining
AOA: cat person, sweater paws are their favorite thing, obsessed with pastel aesthetic
Twice: actual infant, can eat the contents of their fridge in one sitting, has had a hard couple of months but is still really sweet and hopeful.
Girls Day: buys books all the time even though they havent had time to read in 6 years, thinks "your mom" jokes are funny, believes in the illuminati SNSD: uses emoticons in emails, mom friend, tries to be vegetarian but only sometimes Sistar: Regularly stays up for 24 hours at a time, sincerely believes they're psychic, scared of republicans
Dal Shabet: was the biggest twilight fan in middle school and still regrets it, confused 24/7, rolls around in nature
4Minute: a very cool cat, practices posing in the mirror, they add so much cream and sugar to their coffee its practically a milk shake
Orange Caramel: only eats candy, doesn't think anything through, stubs toe almost every day
Fiestar: their makeup is on point EVERY DAY, cries when they get angry, works too hard for their job
EXID: never stops making puns, owns an adult coloring book, actual sunshine

Who are you?!

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I am everyone, legit. I do every single thing 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 but if I had to pick one, it'd be aoa
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Orange Caramel. Although, I don't stub my toe every day. Just have the past couple of days.
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im twice and exid haha馃槄
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Exid, 4minute, twice ....Describes me...right? @kimnam94
a year agoReply
Girls Day XD
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