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awee he's such a cute little angel ♡♡
OMG!!! 😣😣 The pic of him showing his teeth make me want to turn back time and tell his cute little butt braces are a bad idea 🙁😣😣😣😳😔😔😭😭😭😫😩😩
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I used to be really into Japanese dramas before finding kpop. Most of the cute actors had either a snaggletooth on one side or both. After awhile it became one of my favorite quality's in a guy and seeing how the kpop world doesn't have vary many idols or actors who have it, seeing those who do I get a little excited about, like NCT Dream's RenJun for example (I hope this makes sense to you)
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Look at this adorable marshmallow! He's so cute~
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@TheBookWormNerd He is! 🍥🍥
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