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I'm soo mad that wook didn't do anything and that he will not be with her anymore ughh I cryed so hard omg I love wook and hae soo so much, I never liked wang so, but now I thank him for always being on her side. This drama makes you love wook and hae soo so much but she might end up with Wang so. #ForeverSecondLeadShip
I called wook a punk bitch probably this whole episode. I was so mad. after all yall been thru he just cast her aside like wateva
Wook does not deserve Hae Soo . He looks like a loving man but a selfish cheater .
I understand how u feel but I still love him
I love wook and haesoo but now I have to give up on wook and let wang so have her
I'm shipping hae so and wang so so bad this drama confused me with who the lead and 2 nd lead was they kept going back and forth
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