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A Happy 31st birthday to Super Junior's Shindong (Shin Dong-Hee). My daughter and I just call him Fluffy, because she could never remember his name and he's fluffy.
Without much fanfare, Shindong entered the military for his mandatory service back in March 2015. This means he should be finished either late December 2016 or early January 2017. It will be nice to have him back with Super Junior.
I was hoping to find one of Shindong by himself in uniform, but alas, I couldn't. He is in the red.
Happy Birthday Shindong! I hope you can celebrate, and we are waiting for your return to Super Junior.
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Shindong's enlistment should be over on Christmas Day this year! I hope he's having a very Happy Birthday!
It should be, but when you're dealing with a government, you just never know.