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@MadAndrea here! Let's take a look back at SHINee, a group who debuted almost 10 years ago.

I'll be comparing their first video, one towards the midway point, and their latest. I'll be looking at choreography, music sound, and even clothing styles. Ready?

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SHINee Quick Facts

- 5 members (pictures are debut, then 2016)
Taemin Key Onew Minho Jonghyun
- Debuted in May of 2008 - Signed under SM Entertainment


This was their first music video. I'll be saving my comparisons until after the videos.


First is the music video, second is choreography only. This was midway.

DxDxD (Dance, Dance, Dance)

This is their latest music video.


Boy, they sure did some revamping. Which is definitely understandable and very necessary in this industry.


This was typical garb at the time. Many idol groups around this time, such as BigBang, were sporting styles similar to the things American pop singers were wearing in the more late nineties and early 2000s. It reminds me of the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync. A tame version of an urban look. However, the more street casual clothes were the trend at that time. Taemin urgently needed a hair style change though. This was a pretty cookie cutter look that was somewhat part of the idol formula when it came to debuting pop groups. A wide audience appeal. Similar to popular groups, but still unique enough to catch the viewer's attention. This style had an impact though. Young people began wearing skinny jeans, colorful hoodies, and other fashion items imitating what was dubbed the SHINee style. All in all, for a debut, these boys lucked out on lacking extremely embarrassing concepts.


During the theatrical cut scenes they have a very mature style. It's reminiscent of older English fashion with a hint of modern. It looks quite good, and contrasts well with the dance scenes. In the dance scenes we see typical K-pop style. And by typical, I mean absolutely far from the ordinary. They're mixed and matched like the stylist picked the clothes out in the dark. Some more than others. I think Minho appears the most "normal" while Key's outfit is pretty out there. But I'll be damned if they all don't pull these outfits off flawlessly. Because honestly, Key's outfit is probably my favorite because of how well he rocks it. Let's not forget Taemin and his long, silky hair. While I wish it didn't cover his face so much, he really looks good with it in my opinion. A daring choice, but it was in his favor.


The first set of outfits all are white focused. With the bright lights surrounding them, I honestly think it washes them all out a bit. However, the choices are quite up to date. The next set is reds, blacks, and leather. Along with that dim background, it doesn't please the eye quite well. At the end these two sets of members, the white and black clad, face off or something. Somewhat cheesy in my opinion. I don't care for Minho's get up, there's too much red and it reminds me of an edgy exorcist for whatever reason. I just don't think this style matched such a peppy song. The best for last basically. They have on casual, fashionable clothing and the set is well lit. Also, again with the sets on the individual parts. Why are they on something that looks like an abandoned naval ship? I feel Jonghyun could have used less make up in certain scenes. His cheek bones were a bit too dark, creating a somewhat gaunt look when combined with the lighting.


SM Entertainment is well-known for many things; one of them being their intricate choreography.


Very cookie cutter, but not in a bad way. They did the formations and transitions, and the cute little things that girls will love. But there was a bit more to the choreography than the average. My favorite part was toward the end where they do a close up on the foot work. It was entertaining and matched the bubbly song.


This video had such well-timed steps that you would think they had a mirror in front of them to make sure they were perfect. This is my favorite SHINee dance video. The domino effect they use throughout the video where one member moves and it sets off the next member is used often; yet, it doesn't become overused. This is a hard feat to accomplish and I applaud them for that. My favorite part is probably the lion-esque sequence (see second gif.) It reminds me of a lion roaring and I love the rolling effect. The sequence in the last gif reminds me of a five person tutting move. Taemin is definitely taking the spotlight with the dancing and he executes things as well as a human can.


While I didn't particularly enjoy the style choices, the dancing was great. It wasn't exactly the focus, it seemed that each member was individually given screen time, resulting in a little less group work. However, what we did get to see was fun and poppy. It matched well with the beat and the frivolous sound of the song. The poses are still ever-present. I always love the pose lines. The flow when they sing, "dance, dance, dance." and the way they slide across the floor shows a light energy.


Obviously we need to take a look at the song itself.


Pop. Definitely bubblegum pop. The idea is to bring in a broad audience and narrow it down to being more unique as they begin to take off. The first few lines sung by Jonghyun, hit my ear wrong. His voice certainly doesn't seem to sound like that anymore, but boy did it just sound odd. The music itself was upbeat and simple, very easy listening. Onew has such great vocals right from the debut. Key and Minho didn't stand out as much when I've watched it. It was always Taemin with his dancing and Onew with his singing and emotion.


This is definitely different than the other two. It was less upbeat, not sad or angry, just more gritty. Which still isn't the term I want, but it's just got a lower beat that kinda resonates a bit. The chorus is so catchy. It mixes up the song tone a bit, and it's like a little splash of color before it's back to business. There's something about the song that seems different than other SHINee songs. Everyone sung well. When Key rapped, it caught my attention for sure. Jonghyun and Onew complimented eachother well with their voices.


So pop. I loved it. It'll be stuck in your head the first time you listen to it. It just lodges that happy beat into the back of your brain and you can't help but want to dance along. It's interesting to see how Taemin and Key had an increase in their lines over time. Minho has seemed to stay with the same amount. The men not only know how to sing strongly as individuals, but also know how to harmonize in order to make a rock solid jam.

Which song did you like best?

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