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So I finally finished Yoosung's route and decided to share some screenshots with you guys. Imma take a small break maybe a day or two before I begin Zen's so I can finally get some actual sleep.
I personally absolutly loved the Visual novel part! I thought the artwork was great and I enjoyed the fact that I got to see what was going on with the others. Yoosung's right was adorable and sad all at the same time I really found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.
Not to mention I got to see my other bae in it! Though my other bae did something I wasn't exactly proud of, he hurt Yoosung but eh what can I do it was part of the story plot! I also got a lot more people to attend then I thought I would on my first try....but then again I cheated on the email part lol.
Everyone looked so snazy in their party clothes too! Especially Zen he looked like he walked out of a fairy tale book. I also got super happy when I got to " meet " Yoosung for the first time and finally got that smooch that I was waiting for!
His after story is also extermly great! I wasn't expecting such a cute after story but I absolutly love it! I'm so glad that I got the good end ~w~ I feel so accomplished!
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Yoosung is so cute! I just finsihed 707's route yesterday, With a good ending! It was so cute!! (~i dont have enough hourglasses for the after ending though ;-;) It needs to update so i can get moorrrree!!
woot! glad you got a good ending! hope you get hourglasses soon so you can read the after story!