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Decisions When you think there is no such thing as love. Life has a way to prove you wrong. You were walking along a hiking trail. You’ve been walking since early that morning. You wanted some excurses and some fresh air. You need some alone time to relax and do some serious thinking. Work was driving you crazy with the new management. There seem to be a power struggle within management. You are hoping to be able to stay out of it, but you position as head of finances or CFO might be a problem. The new CEO IS already trying to change everything around at the company. Who does Park Se Hyuk think he is? You are wondering about this while hiking up a steep trail. It was a struggle to continue that hike but you were determined to reach the top. While you were hiking up that trail, you noticed a young man way ahead you. He was at top of the hiking trail. It looks like he was waiting for someone. He was standing there looking around. He was dressed in hiking clothes like you. As you get closer, you realized who it was. It was Park Se Hyuk. What on earth was he doing here? And how did he find you? You keep calm and kept on walking up the trail. You kept looking straight ahead of you. On top of the hiking trail, Park Se Hyuk is looking down the trail at Y/N. He was waiting patiently for her to reach the top. He purposely came here to seek her out during her down time. He was in the middle of a power struggle at his company. He needs to acquire a key player to join his side of the battle. Y/N is a very smart and talented young woman. She has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge and experience at such young age. It’s because of this she has become a key player. With her support, he will have full control of the company. Now all he has to do is convince her. While looking at her walking up the hike trail, he really would like for her to join in the game in more ways than one. But that’s for another time and place. When Y/N was standing in front of him, she had no choice but to acknowledge his presence. “Hello Mr. Park. It’s a surprise to see you here. Especially here at a hiking trail.” She says while wiping the sweat off her face. “It shouldn’t be a surprise Ms. Y/N, because you already know why I am looking for you. We need to have a serious talk.” Se Hyuk says calmly. She sighs while taking couple of water bottles out of bag. She offers one of them to SeHyuk. She knew what he wants to talk about, but she wasn’t ready to make a decision. She was already feeling pressure from the opposing team. In a way, she already made her choice but she is having her doubts. Park Se Hyuk is brilliant young man. He has impressed her with his boldness for change. Even though it frustrates her at the same time, she walks past him. “I know what you want to about Mr. Park, but please give me some time to think it over” She says as she continues to walk away. “Please Y/N, may I call you by your first name? I think we are going to be getting to know one other really well in the future Y/N. Just hear me out, ok” Se Hyuk says while stepping in front of her. He was basically blocking her way. She had to give it to him. He was very persistent person. Y/N guesses she can give some time to try to convince her to join his team. “Ok Se Hyuk, yes you can call me by first name, since are colleagues right. Let’s take a seat at rest area and have that talk.” She says with a smile and leads the way to the rest area They take a seat in a secluded area. Once they were seated, SeHyuk went on to explain his plains for the future of the company. He went on how she played an important role in achieving his goals. They will make a great team. Y/N was truly impressed by Se Hyuk passion and his drive to achieve success. “So Y/N, What do you say? Are you going to help me make our company best in the country?” Se Hyuk asks It looks like Y/N is thinking really hard while looking out the scenery around them. She knows what she wants to do now. After hearing Se Hyuk out and realizing that they had the same dreams for the company. They might have different ideas on to achieving them, but she was sure that they can work through all that with some compromising from both sides. Now that she made her decision, she just has to let Se Hyuk know. She gets up and stands in front of Se Hyuk with her hand out to him. “Ok, Se Hyuk. I have made my decision, and I will join your team. We will dominant the competition within the company and out of it.” She says while shaking his hand to seal the deal. Se Hyuk was so happy but he played it cool while shaking Y/N’s hand. “Welcome to the team, Y/N. I know we will work great together” Se Hyuk says while leading her back down the hiking trail. They agreed to continue their discussion over a meal. When they reached their cars, they agreed to. Meeting time and place. Y/N needed to go home and change, and so did Se Hyuk. After parting ways, Se Hyuk gets in his car. While driving home, he couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N. He was so happy with her decision. He plans to make sure she doesn’t regret her decision in more ways then one.
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