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According to this Soompi article, and sources at KBS, Leeteuk will be stepping down from SuKiRa. I completely understand this, as he is super committed when it comes to appearances and DJ/MCing. He is also one of the MC's for Show King, and if they're considering a SuJu comeback in 2017, that means even more work for members. Apparently though, this leaves the show without a Super Junior host, and potentially cancelled. I personally love SuKiRa, and hope that one of the other members will step up, however, I'm sure if the show ends up cancelled there will be other opportunities for our boys. Who would you see take over for Our Angel Leader? Can you see KBS doing the same sort of show for any other group?
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Oh wow!!!!! I hope one of the other members will come through
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Me too. I wonder if it's because of all his mc duties