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Your Halloween Date

I can't resist his eye smile!!

The Flowers He Brings You

Definitely my style

Where You Go For Your Date

How did you know I wanted to visit Pennhurst?! (That really is Pennhurst in the photo, & really is on my list of places to visit.)

The One Who Shows Up To Confess To You

This date just got awkward...

The One You End Up With

Where did you come from?!?! Not complaining by any means but wow! This is out of left field lol.

Your Halloween Present

Pink is not usually my style but I love this ring!!
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You got the flowers I wanted and I love the ring. Sungjae always making things awkward. That's how I would feel if I got him too. lol I'm too old for you Maknae!!! I'll post my results tomorrow.
The flowers & date spot are the only results that worked out like I hoped. I do love that ring though lol. Right?! Darn Maknae messing with our poor noona hearts! πŸ˜‚ Woot! I look forward to seeing them😁