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hey guys! Got7 album is out already! and with so many versions (8 to be exact) , and so many postcards to collect (21 postcards!!! ) oh also the stickers are different versions ...let me walk you thru what you can from expect from the album being delivered to you :)

What you get

I was so excited like look at all this! buttttttt we only get 1 of each item ! making it almost impossible to collect even all of the cards for a single idol ( example Jackson has 3 cards bambam has 3 cards etc) and forget about collecting all 7 members!

Different album versions

What does this mean? for the first time ever we will only get to see individual member photo book! so if you get Mark^^ that is your version of album as well as the photobook. Some lucky fans will get the group version in which you can get photobook of all members. ( this makes it hard if you have a bias since you can't pick the version you get) most albums versions found so far are Mark, Bambam and Jb

Post cards

There are 21 post cards! 3 different versions 1:uncut/ making of 2:luggage/bagg tag 3:ID version you only get one post card ( once again making it hard to collect them all) Also please note: if you get ( for example a Jackson version album) it doesn't mean you will also get a same person card. Infact all are random.
Uncut/making will look like this ( so far these are the only members found )
ID version ( many fans have gotten mostly Bambam and Jinyoung so far)
Baggage tag side 1 (all cards have two sides) here are some of the other versions found so far...
( notice Mark album came with Bambam card)

Album stickers

There are 8 kinds of sticker sheets to decorate with! ( i was looking foward to decorating mines like Jackson however he did not decorate his own) then i thought oh well I'll make it like Mark since he was made fun of for making his like a fridge lol .. if I get his stickers! !
Soooooo! did anyone here get it already? what are you hoping to get? I have to wait to get mines so i can't wait!
How i feel wanting to get 40 albums!
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