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Alright this is the very first one shot I have made so please go easy on me. Forgive me I tried my best 😅
Hojoon- angst Hojoon X reader Two months, it had been two months exactly since I had confessed my feelings to HoJoon and he rejected me. Now every time I see him, I hide so he won't see me. Hojoon and I were best friends and I had always had a crush on him, and when I finally got the nerves to confess, he turned me down. In fact he looked angry when it had happened. A few weeks after he got a girlfriend and my heart broke, I cried my eyes out because ever since the incident, I've had no one to be there for me because he was my only friend. ~ "Come one Y/N tell me what's wrong" he's said, "How am I supposed to make you feel better when you won't tell me what's wrong, now come on tell me" "My mother kicked me out of the house. She yelled at me telling me I was good for nothing and took my stuff and threw them out. Hojoon what's wrong with me why am I such a terrible person?" "Y/N please don't say that you know your not. I'm here for you, come on get your stuff. Your staying at my house and well get get through this together. Now please...smile for me you don't deserve to feel this way." ~ And that's it my feeling for him grew more and more and I couldn't take it anymore. I confessed, which was the biggest mistake I had ever made. To make matters worse he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend in the mall I work at. She gives me nasty looks, giving me death glares piercing right into my soul. I knew exactly who she was, she was in my law class and was a complete bitch. She made everyone feel like complete crap. But who cares once I save enough to go to London, I'll never have to see that nasty ass bitch anymore. I won't have deal with looking at them spending time at the mall together. ~~3 months later~~ Somehow I don't know how, but Hojoon and his girlfriend Had found out about me leaving Seoul. Hojoon tried calling me and texting me trying to get me to talk this out but I ignored him. Picking up my luggage ready to go, I heard Hojoon call out my name. "Y/N wait, please let's talk" "There's nothing to talk about, you rejected my feelings and moved on, now it's time I move on and get away from you" "Y/N please don't go" "Well it's a little late" "Please jus- who's this?" He must've seen my friend August walk up to me "My friend, now if you'll excuse me we have a flight to get to" "Ok so you just go and find someone else because I rejected you. Are you that desperate for attention?" "Are you serious? Don't assume things ok, August is my friend and he has been a much better friend than you so if i were you I would shut up. Now go leave before you really piss me off" "Y/N hang on don't leave yet." "You shouldn't have been such a jerk or else I would tolerate you a little more than I do now. Now go be with that stupid girlfriend of yours" With that I left him at the airport, ignoring every word he yelled. Only waiting for time to go by faster, and leaving that hell hole I was stuck in.
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Hojoonie!! I'd love to see more fanfics with him as the lead!
Good job I liked the story 👏🏼 Damn he screwed up though. That's right girl leave him!