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@Helixx here to take a look at some of our favorite Kpop Girl Groups through the years.

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Writer @Helixx, Kpop Lead Monster
Female groups and artists generally have a harder time when it comes to gaining and maintaining popularity within Kpop compared to their male counter parts. In addition, Korea's beauty standards mean female idols are held to a higher standard and are often critically judged or harshly treated when they are revealed to be humans who don't always look flawless or happen to indulge in a cupcake once in a while.
How often are male idols encouraged to eat when it's revealed they are hungry from dieting? On the flip side, there is a TV show in Korea that compares the current weights of female idols (obtained through deception) to the weight listed on their profiles and then ranks them according to how much the weights differ. I'm serious, this is an actual thing. Check out @LaurenStrayhorn's card about it, here.
So I decided to take a look at a few girl groups, comparing their debut to their most recent singles to try and get a better understanding of the molds female idols are expected to fit into.


2ne1 debuted as a four-member group in March of 2009 under YG Entertainment. Their first single was a collaboration with label mates BIGBANG, titled Lollipop. In may of the same year, 2ne1 released their debut track Fire.
From the very beginning 2ne1 had a funky, edgy style that set them apart from many other girl groups who were adopting the more popular cute or sexy concepts. From the very first music video to the present, they have had a more "street" vibe to their styling. Never settling for revealing or cutesy looks. Even with softer or more colorful concepts, the Queens have stayed true to themselves with bold concepts, even bordering on gothic at times. They aren't afraid of bright colors, dark looks, unusual hairstyles or special effects.
YG has been teasing us with rumors of a 2ne1 comeback for over a year now. However, with the departure of the group's Maknae Minzy earlier this year, Leader CL's English debut and the release of YG's newest girl group BLACKPINK just last month, many speculate that 2ne1 may be close to disbanding. Diehard 2ne1 fans are still holding out hope the trio will be making a comeback in the near future. If and when 2ne1 comeback, what can we expect to see? Will they hit us with a hard, edgy concept or surprise us with something a little softer?


F(x) debuted in September of 2009 with five members under SM Entertainment. Like 2ne1 they also debuted with a more edgy vibe and steered away from cute and sexy concepts. One thing F(x) has going for them that sets them apart style-wise is tomboy Rapper/Vocalist Amber who prefers lose-fitting clothing like pants and shorts to the more feminine dresses and skirts donned by her counterparts. She has said she simply isn't comfortable in those types of woman's fashions and SM has allowed her to express her individual fashion sense.
Throughout their career, F(x) has maintained their edgy quality, even with their tamer releases. They've managed to garner success while keeping their cloths on and staying away from gimmicks.

Orange Caramel

This trio debuted in June 2010 as the first sub-unit from After School, under Pledis Entertainment. Their group concept is Candy Culture which involves bright colors and cute styles.
Orange Caramel definitely has a cutesy sort of theme to their concepts. They employ bright colors, large props and fill their performances with varying degrees of aegyo. At times their concepts seem a little on the gimmicky side, but there is a clever, underlying brilliance to their styling. You also can't deny their songs are catchy as hell.


RaNia originally debuted in April 2014 with eight members under DR Music. They've had many lineup changes over the years and currently perform with 6 members one of which is the non-asian Leader, Alex from the US.
This is one of those groups who seemed to falter when it comes to finding their sound and what concepts best suit them. Their debut track was Dr. Feel Good.
The concept was ultra sexy, so much in fact that the MV was banned from many stations and they were limited on where they could perform it.
The girls seem to have adapted a more urban style with an edge of sexy and funky dance moves. Unfortunately there were problems with Alex's visa and she wasn't able to make it to Korea in time for the MV filming for Demonstrate late last year. However, the rapping featured in the MV is from Alex.


CLC is a seven member group under Cube Entertainment. They debuted in 2015 with the song Pepe. They have a cute, feminine quality to their concepts and their music.
They show off an air of youth and an inquisitive nature. They use a lot of bright colors in their styling and generally look like they are having a lot of fun. They are definitely the rookie group on this card but despite that they seem to know who they are and they aren't shy when it comes to their bubbly personalities.

Who is your favorite girl group? What kinds of female concepts do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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