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It felt like dead silence had fallen as Junmyeon was handcuffed. He couldn't even hear Chanyeol speaking to him much less the investigator. The lights flashing on the police cars were a blur. He wasn't sure if he was passing out or if he was crying. He wanted to speak, say something in his defense but nothing was coming out. He felt himself curling up inside, like he was crawling into a dark room to hide. "Jun... Junmyeon! It's okay, Jun, you'll be okay... Remember you don't have say anything right now!" Chanyeol yelled as he was being pulled away. "Wait for the attorney! We'll come for you!" "Officer Kim, take Park Chanyeol home and notify them we have Kim Junmyeon in custody" Choi said pushing Chanyeol toward the other car, "Park Chanyeol-ssi you should be grateful I'm letting you off the hook. Don't interfere from here on out or I will arrest you for aiding a possible murder suspect." Investigator Choi took Junmyeon and sat him in the back of his car. Chanyeol was taken by Officer Kim and the other officer on patrol back to the dorm. Chanyeol banged on the window as they passed by one another, trying to yell at him that he'll be okay. Junmyeon was in a daze. He was having second thoughts, that this wasn't going to work. What evidence does he have? He tried to think but his mind was in a whirlwind, he started to feel dizzy. Choi observed him in the rear view mirror when he seen him turn pale all of a sudden. "Are you okay?" Choi asked. He rolled the window down a bit for him but it was too late. Jun leaned forward and started throwing up what little he had in his stomach, onto the floor. Choi looked disgusted for a moment, thinking of the mess he's going to have to clean up later. Jun sat back up, trying to breath in the cool air, "I'm scared." "Yeah, I can see that. I kinda figured you would be, that's why you ran away." Choi said, he rolled Jun's window down a little more, along with the passenger window, "There's all kinds of reasons for someone to run, but mainly because you're either scared or you're guilty. If you were guilty, you wouldn't have done what you just did." "She's alive." Jun said quickly. "What? Who's alive?" Choi asked. "That girl, Park Areum. She's alive. I've seen her." Choi huffed, "No she's definitely dead, her brother identified her body." Junmyeon swallowed hard, "I don't think that's her brother." Choi looked at him in the mirror, Junmyeon was serious. "Do you have proof of that? Without proof, you're just talking crazy. You might be trying to say this to keep from going to jail. Maybe you should wait until your attorney sees you." Junmyeon started to cry, "They Said They're Going To Kill Me!!" Choi pulled over and turned around in his seat, "Look kid, that girl is dead! Her brother identified her, her finger prints matched what we had on file...." Choi stopped as he looked past Junmyeon out the back window at a pair of headlights coming in fast. He grabbed Jun by the collar and shoved him down on the seat as they were rear ended by another car. The back window shattered all over Junmyeon, Choi was thrown back against the dash board. But it didn't stopped. The other vehicle was determined to push them off the road. It only stopped when Choi's car hit into a tree and could go no further. Choi kicked the passenger door open and crawled out. Still handcuffed, Jun rolled into the front seat and was about to get out too when Choi stopped him and told him to stay there. The other vehicle had backed up into the street and was sitting there idling. Choi stood up, wondering what they were doing. He heard a door open and someone coming around, then he heard a gun cocking. Choi reached for his own gun when the other guy started firing at them. Choi pulled Jun out, and they crawled to the front of the car, hoping it'll give them some cover. "KIM JUNMYEON!" a voice called for him, "Junmyeon! Did you tell him everything already? Because if you did, I'm going to have to kill the both of you." Investigator Choi looked at Junmyeon, who had his face covered with his handcuffed hands. Choi reached into his coat pocket, taking the handcuff key out, he quickly unlocked them. Junmyeon looked at him grateful and worried. Choi looked at their surroundings, he knew he has to get Jun out of there. There were more trees further down the slope they were on, he thought for sure they could make it. "Run for those trees when I tell you to, got it?!" Jun was in shock, he couldn't believe this was happening. He thought turning himself in, he would be safe, they couldn't touch him. He felt Choi tap him on the cheek, "I heard you." Choi readied his gun, counted to three, popped up and started firing back. The guy ran behind his SUV, Choi nudged Junmyeon to go. Jun jumped up and started running as fast as he could. Investigator Choi was right behind him.
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oh shit!!!! They are going after the cop too?!?! ::leans in, shoves popcorn in mouth:: this is getting really good!!