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One of the Luxury Location in LA to be Shoot this coming 3rd week of September
people / Fans are excited to this. & i wonder also if this is the House of Oppa in the New SBS drama Heirs. what do you think guys.? what can you say about it? Malibu Beach in L.A and other sights in UNITED STATES. Lee min ho & Park shin hye is expect to stayed for about 3 weeks to shoot some since. i wish to travel to L.A to see them on Location,
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I can almost imagine Lee Min ho in those rooms of that gorgeous house!
4 years ago·Reply
wow wow ... será emocionante... !! no puedo esperar ! ..
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are they going to have like a fan meeting.... so we could see Oppa
4 years ago·Reply
nice view, you're making me more and more excited:::)))
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