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Genre: Angst, Fuckboy! au (M)
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Length: 6260 words
Summary: He ruined you. And you let him.
Part: 3/?
“That’s…how can you say that? Why date someone if you would be ready to leave them at the blink of an eye?”
He didn’t get to answer because your phone started ringing. You were a mess, but you still walked over to answer it once Yoongi let go of you.
“Shit”, you muttered. It was Hoseok. This was risky when Yoongi was right there, but you needed to know if Bora knew yet. “Hello? Hobi, how’d it go?”
“It couldn’t have gone worse y/n”, he sighed. By the sounds of the the background noise, you could tell he was still at the coffee place. “She didn’t believe a word, called me a liar and then ran off crying. She told me not to follow her and I didn’t because she was making a scene.”
Your pressed your lips together, staring at the table. You felt even worse, if that was possible. And then it hit you. “Hobi…did she tell you where she was going?”
“To see her boyfriend”, he replied, and you didn’t miss the hint of scorn in his voice. “Shit”, you hissed. You looked up at Yoongi, eyes slightly wide. He didn’t look amused, but right now, you didn’t care. “A-alright Hobi, I think…just let her be for now. You know Bora, she’ll calm down soon enough.”
“Yeah”, he sighed. He sounded tired. “You’re right. Anyways I’ve got a lot on, so speak later.”
“Later”, you replied, hanging up. “Your girlfriend’s on her way to yours right now”, you explained shakily. “For once just listen to me. Go home.”
“OK”, he agreed, to your surprise. “I’m going. But I’m gonna come back sweetheart. Also, nice try, trying to tell her the truth. I can see that worked out well for you. How about I tell her the full story?”
He was referring to you and him. “You wouldn’t dare”, you whispered, knowing full well he would if it meant he got what he wanted. The smirk he threw your way before he left chilled you. You scrambled to lock the door behind him and then went back to call Hoseok, despite saying he was busy.
One thing you had learned for sure- unless you knew who the hell it was, you weren’t going to answer the door.
“Hobi”, you rushed to speak as soon as he had answered. “Yoongi was here. He was here when you called before so I didn’t say anything but he said he was going to come back and he’s gonna tell Bora every-”
“-Woah woah, slow down! He came to your place?”
“Yes”, you breathed, thinking about everything that had happened since Yoongi had arrived. “Why? Did he say why he was there?”
“Well..”, you tried to recall. “He saw me and Taehyung at the party last night and thought we were dating.”
“Motherfucker…and where is he now?”
“I told him to go home because Bora was going to see him.”
“Y/n…did anything? Did he touch you?”
You thought about when he had you pressed up against the wall, but decided it would be best to not mention that. So instead, you opted for, “He kissed me.”
“I’m gonna kill him”, Hoseok announced solemnly. “I’m actually gonna kill him. You know what you’re gonna do y/n?”
You knew what was coming, but asked anyway. “What?”
“You’re gonna avoid him as best you can. Don’t answer the door unless you hear my voice. If you’re going out, call me- hell, even call Taehyung. If he comes back, don’t let him in. He’s playing mind games with you.”
You were nodding as he spoke, but couldn’t help but mention, “He told me he loved me Hobi. He knows exactly how to get under my skin.” Hoseok sighed heavily. “Every time I think you’re gonna get over him, he fucking calls you or texts you…and now he’s showing up at your door. Jesus Christ.”
Hoseok had a right to get annoyed at the situation. This had gone on for so long now, you didn’t even remember who you were before Min Yoongi. “I’ve really got to go y/n, I’m gonna be late”, you heard him shuffling around on the other end.
“I’ll call or maybe drop by after my shift, yeah?”
“Alright Hobi. And thank you.”
“You’re always there for me, and all I ever do is moan. Really. Even a blood relative would be sick of me by now.”
He hummed in what sounded like amusement. “Hey now. Who said I’m not sick of you?” You both laughed. “I’ll see you later”, you said, feeling a lot lighter after having talked to him. “Bye.”
After hanging up, you remembered you still had to reply to Taehyung.
From Taehyung:
yeah yeah, excuses excuses. c’mon then, when are you free?
To Taehyung:
Now who’s eager?
You smiled as you pressed send, imaging his reaction as he read the flirty response. The somewhat blurred memory of the two of you kissing in some strangers back garden came to mind, and it warmed you. Maybe Taehyung would be the one to finally break you free from Yoongi’s spell.
From Taehyung:
touche. what can i say, ur good company. not to mention, pretty cute
You huffed a laugh at his forward reply. He didn’t beat around the bush, did he? You really did want to meet up with him, but after what if Yoongi stuck to his word and came back? What if he saw Taehyung at your place? That wouldn’t end well.
To Taehyung:
does that line work on everyone?
From Taehyung:
I wouldn’t know. only ever used it on you
You caved.
To Taehyung:
Why don’t I meet you somewhere? today’s been…weird
He was quick to reply.
From Taehyung: u can tell me over lunch. i’ll meet you outside the flat. give me an hour
An hour,. That was more than enough time to make yourself look decent. You thought about wearing what you wore to the party- just for the fun of it- but then decided against it, not wanting to let this boy think you were a tramp.
The hour passed relatively quickly, and you ended up in your favorite skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt with a cardigan on top. Happy with how you looked you made your way downstairs, phone in hand, ready to text Taehyung if he wasn’t there.
But he was. And he looked even better, if that was possible. He grinned when he saw you making your way towards him. “Y/n”, he greeted, pulling you in for a hug as if you had been friends for years. “Tae”, you smiled, remembering his nickname. “Thanks for coming.”
“The pleasure is mine”, he replied breezily. “C’mon, let’s grab food, I’m starving!” On the way to the restaurant,after you had told Taehyung everything that had happened earlier, your phone started to ring. You blocked out Taehyung’s ramblings as soon as you saw who it was. Bora. You started to think all manner of things. Was she calling you because of what Hobi told her? Was she going to confront you because Yoongi told her everything? You didn’t know.
“’s Bora””, you told him, visibly distressed. He slowed down and gently urged you to answer. With shaky fingers, you accepted the call. “Hey Bora! How are you?”, you spoke with mock cheeriness, hoping she didn’t know.
“Y/n”, she practically whimpered your name, bringing you to a halt completely. “Bora?”, you questioned in alarm.
“Yoongi and I had an argument and then he stormed out”, she told you and you relaxed slightly. You honestly thought he might have hit her or something, the way she was speaking.
“Oh no sweetie, what did you argue about?”, you asked, glancing at Taehyung, who gave you a thumbs up. He knew you were in the clear for now. “Hoseok told me something earlier, and I got really upset and left. But he’s my friend and I trust him so I decided to confront Yoongi, who blew a fuse. Now I’m sat at his place and I don’t know what to do.” You prayed that Yoongi wasn’t planning on coming back to your place.
“Hoseok told you something?”, you questioned, although of course you knew.
“Yeah. Something about how Yoongi sleeps around.”
“And his reaction was to shout?”, you pressed on. “Bora, I hate to say it, but doesn’t that make him look guilty?”
“Yeah it does”, she sighed sadly. “Should I go home or wait for him?”
“Bora, he just walked out. He isn’t worth the wait. Go home, relax. Try texting him when you’re both a bit calmer, yeah?”
“OK”, she agreed and you heard her get up.
“Shall we come walk you home?”, you asked.
“Who, you and Hoseok?”
“No, I’m with Taehyung”, you replied.
“You sure you two aren’t together?”, you smiled in response because you could practically hear the smile in her voice. “And no, I’m good. I don’t live far from Yoongi’s place.” You knew she didn’t but obviously had to act clueless about where Yoongi lived.
“Thanks though y/n. I’ll text Hobi an apology for my behaviour when I get home. Speak soon.” And she ended the call. You knew she didn’t have to apologise, because Hoseok wouldn’t hold anything against her. That was just the kind of person he was.
“You good?”, Taehyung asked, making your head snap up. “Yeah, I’m good”, you smiled, looking around discretely just in case Yoongi was anywhere. “Y/n”, Taehyung said your name gently, immediately catching on. “He won’t approach you if you’re with someone, don’t worry. There’s a pub around the corner. we’ll go there, yeah?” You agreed.
Once there you opted for a small two seated table in the corner of the pub, wanting to feel as small as possible. You knew Yoongi loved to drink when he was mad, so it’d hardly be a coincidence if he walked in.
You and Taehyung had just ordered, when your phone started to ring once more. It wasn’t Bora. It wasn’t even Hoseok. It was him. Even though the screen was upside down for Taehyung, even he spotted the name ‘Yoongi’ flashing across the screen.
“Are you gonna answer it?”, Taehyung asked. Although Taehyung and Hoseok were very similar, you couldn’t help but note that slight difference. If you had been sat with Hoseok at that moment, Hoseok would put his foot down and order you not to answer, whereas Taehyung let you decide.
“No”, you whispered as if Yoongi was physically present in the room. He rang twice before sending a text reading ‘Where the hell did you go? Answer the phone’- although you didn’t open the notification so he wouldn’t see the ‘read’ receipt.
Taehyung placed a hand on yours- you were shaking. “Did he say he was gonna come back to yours?”
“Yeah, just before he left. He doesn’t love me”, you stated firmly when he raised an eyebrow. “He’s saying that to get me to stay with him even though he’s taken. He doesn’t see me in that way.”
“I hate to break it to you y/n, but you seem like you don’t want that to be the truth. You want him to have meant it.”
“What? No!”, you spluttered, face heating up at the allegation.
“Ah, don’t deny it”, he smiled. “You can’t even look me in the eyes when you talk about him. You still have feelings, and that’s understandable. But from what you’ve told me, he’s hardly Mr Perfect.”
“I know”, you muttered, staring down at Taehyung’s large hands encapsulating yours. “It’s just…he has this power over me that I can’t control. I don’t even know the difference between love and submissiveness anymore.”
Your plates arrived and you both moved your hands off the table to make room, although by now you had lost your appetite once more. “Are you scared of him?”, Taehyung asked once the waitress was out of earshot.
“I erm…No. Well, kinda”, you replied. Maybe that’s why you listened to Yoongi’s every word. “Like this morning, he yelled and me, and I was frightened. But he usually never yells, so that was a first.” Taehyung stiffened, a slight frown on his face. “He yelled at you?”
“Hmm”, you hummed, mouth full. You swallowed then replied, “He didn’t believe that you weren’t my boyfriend, and yelled at me to stop lying.” Taehyung shook his head in what could only be described as disgust. “Wow. This guy doesn’t deserve you. Or Bora. Or anyone, if that’s how he treats women.”
You moved on from Yoongi, talking about his work, and of course your mutual friend Hoseok- you both had a lot of stories to share. You had long finished your food and the two of you now had steaming hot drinks to chat over.
“…So he tried to get me with his friend Namjoon”, you giggled at the memory and Taehyung’s face lit up at the name. “Oh, Namjoon! I know him, he’s a good friend!”
“Well then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say I had no idea what he was on about half the time.” The two of you laughed. Hoseok had mentioned Namjoon was smart…but damn. “I know what you mean”, Taehyung agreed.
You lost all concept of time, talking to Taehyung. Only to come crashing back to reality when the one person you really didn’t want to see came stumbling through the doors. Taehyung noticed your change in demeanour immediately and whipped his head around to see Yoongi walking towards the bar.
You were both sat in the corner, so Yoongi hadn’t even noticed you, but it was only a matter of time. “Wow, this guy literally turns up everywhere”, you heard Taehyung murmur.
“Taehyung, if he sees us, things are gonna get ugly real quick”, you whispered frantically. He turned his attention to you. “Hey, it’s OK.Don’t worry. If we leave now, he won’t even notice. Look at him- he’s hell bent on getting pissed and he has his back to us.”
So that’s what you did. Or at least, that’s what you tried to do. You both left some bills on the table and silently started to make your way out, when you heard Yoongi’s phone. He answered it, unaware that you were so close.
But that’s not when you stopped. You stopped when you heard the words “What the hell is it Bora?” You grit your teeth and your jaw clenched, determined not to speak. Taehyung tried to pull you out but you stayed put.
“Yes. Yes I’m fine, Jesus Christ. Are you still at my place? Good. No I don’t want to see you yet… You know what, I can’t do this right now, bye.” You were seeing red as you finally let Taehyung drag you away.
“How fucking dare he speak to her like that?”, you seethed once the two of you were a safe distance away from the building. “What right does he have? He chose to date her!”
Taehyung just wordlessly shook his head. “I’ve never come across someone like him before. Hoseok was right to try and keep you away y/n. He’s not a good person.”
You knew that. You knew that months ago. But your stupid feelings for him kept bringing you back. You both found your way back at your apartment. “Do you want to…come in?”, you asked tentatively, more as a gesture of kindness than anything else.
“No”, he smiled. “Not today. I have a deadline due tonight. But I’d love to do this again.” He pulled you in for a hug, and you spoke into his chest, your voice muffled. “Me too.” He lovingly pecked your forehead and watched as you walked into the flat, repeatedly looking back to see if he was still there. You both laughed when you bumped into an old lady, your eyes trained on Taehyung.
After giving him a little wave you entered the building, feeling a little better about today. Taehyung, it seemed, was a breath of fresh air, whereas Yoongi was what was polluting it. But still, your feelings confused you when it came to the latter. You knew it was wrong, yet you couldn’t help it.
Checking your phone upon entering the apartment, you saw you had yet another missed call from Yoongi. You sighed, not knowing what to do. Should you call Bora to see how she was? Should you text Hoseok and tell him what else had happened today? It even crossed your mind to call Yoongi back to stop him getting madder.
But before you could decide Yoongi’s name flashed up on your screen once more, and without even thinking, you answered.
“Yoongi I-”
“-Where the fuck where you?”, he growled, cutting you off. “I told you I was coming back.”
“I didn’t want to see you”, you replied sternly, although your heart was thumping like crazy at how mad he sounded.
“I dumped her”, he stated factually, his voice devoid of any emotion. “I left her for you baby. Why can’t you see that I love you?”
Wow. He was a wreck. You didn’t reply, and after a minute or so he scoffed at you. “I can’t believe you. You know what, I’m gonna make you realise just how much you want me.”
“Yoongi, stop it. You’re drunk and not thinking straight.” He had just dumped your best friend, and was immediately trying to get with you? This wasn’t the Yoongi you knew. Firstly, the Yoongi you knew wouldn’t have even been in a relationship. And secondly, that Yoongi didn’t even give you the time of day.
He just laughed. “Who shall I call over tonight? Who do I want to fuck? Areum? Sulli? Minah? All three?” You just stood there, listening to his vile words with disgust. “I said stop it!” Before he could reply you hung up. You would wait until he was sober to deal with him.
You tried to call Bora, but she didn’t pick up. And neither did Hoseok, who was probably still at work. So you flopped back on the couch, staring at your ceiling, trying to block Yoongi out. He used the word ‘love’ so easily, and you wondered if he actually loved Bora or she was just another pretty face to him.
You must have dozed off, because a notification from your phone woke you up almost an hour later. It was an image from Yoongi. You knew you shouldn’t have even bothered looking, and that you should have deleted, but you couldn’t help yourself.
Your hands slightly shaking and your mouth dry, you opened the file and you immediately groaned and the sight. He’d taken a photo of a girl around your age, and she was currently sat there with her mouth around his member. And next to her, was another stunning woman, staring hungrily at the camera. You felt sick.
From Yoongi
As good as they r, theyre not u
Please coomne over babyy
I needd you
You stared at the typos, wondering what the hell he was doing right now. You tossed your phone to the opposite side of the couch, away from you, and let out a shaky sigh. You had arrived at a solid conclusion- Min Yoongi was fucking crazy.
Yet still your face heated up at his words. Still you thought about how it felt when he merely touched you. If he was crazy, then you were beyond demented. He had spoken to you on the phone a couple of times while with another woman, but he had never gone to such lengths before- ever. You were concerned- but also intrigued.
You decided the best thing to do would be to just wait. Although a sober Yoongi wasn’t any more predictable or even rational than a drunk Yoongi,he wasn’t this bad either. So you’d wait.
“…Shit”, Hoseok breathed out, shaking his head. It was the next day, and Hoseok and you had met up on your lunch breaks. You had told him everything from the day before.
You couldn’t help but grin at your best friends face. “I can show you the photo he sent me, if you want.”
“Ugh, no fucking way! Keep that nasty shit away from me”, he replied, a look of horror replacing the disgust.
“Have you tried ringing Bora? She hasn’t been answering my calls”, you asked, trying to get serious again. Hoseok just shook his head.
“Nope. She wasn’t picking up this morning either. She might just be getting over the break up.”
You mulled over this idea. Bora wasn’t one to dwell over such things…Yoongi must have been a pretty big deal to her.
Lunch went by quickly- too quickly, and although you’re shift was finished, poor Hoseok had to go back to work. His shifts were due to get smaller soon, as his finances became a little more stable, but for the time being, he was spending more time at work than he was at home.
You made our way to your apartment, your heart feeling somewhat lighter. You were lucky you had someone like Hoseok in your life. However, the smile on your face soon vanished as the elevator doors opened and you stepped out onto your floor.
There he was, casually sat outside your apartment door, looking down at his phone. Waiting. The moment you stumbled backwards slightly, his head shot up, his piercing gaze directed at you.
“You ignored me last night beautiful.” The cold tone of his voice as he stated that, chilled you.
You took another tiny step back, although he noticed. “Well I was hardly needed. You seemed fine.”
“Fine.” He repeated the word, slightly amused. “I seemed fine. You’re funny. I am hurting, baby. I dumped Bora. I fucking dumped her. And who for? You? A girl who’s made it her mission in life to avoid me like the plague? Well, fuck you.”
He slowly got to his feet, making your breath hitch. In anticipation or fear…you weren’t sure. “I avoid you because you hurt Bora. I avoid you because you think it’s acceptable to send a girl pictures of you getting sucked off to make her jealous. I avoid you…because you’re not a nice person Yoongi.”
He huffed out a laugh, leaning on your door, his confident posture making you feel small. “And what are you, Little Miss Innocent? You are the fucking reason I’m in this mess babe.”
“Me?”, you raised an eyebrow at his claim. You were trying not to raise your voice, out in the hallway whee other people could hear. “How the fuck does that make any sense?”
“You tell me you love me-”
“-You already knew that!”
Yoongi just continued like you had never spoken. “You tell me you love me, make out with another guy, then you stop talking to me.”
“Because you were dating my best friend!”
“And now I’m not!”, he shouted back. He was about to say something else when a girl two doors down from you unlocked her door, making you both stop.
“Erm excuse me? Do you mind taking this elsewhere? My roommates not well and you’re not exactly helping her headache.”
“Er yeah, sorry. Yeah”, you apologised, knowing you had no option now but to let him enter your place.
“Hey Jessica”, Yoongi drawled as you pushed past him to unlock your door. He really didn’t spare anyone, did he? To your disgust, the girl giggled. “Hey Yoongi.” You didn’t hear whatever else she said because you entered your apartment, trying to slam the door, but of course Yoongi caught it and swiftly entered.
“Yoongi…please. I don’t…I can’t do this.”
Yoongi tilted his head slightly, gazing at you, his face expressionless. “I know there’s someone else, princess. That boy from the party. But just tell me, is he better than me at making you feel good? Does anyone know you better than I do?”
You hung your head, unable to look him in the eye. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’”, he hummed.
“Do you miss the way I touch you princess? It’s been so long, and I think you’re starting to forget.” You could never forget- you’d been through this enough times.
“Don’t you miss the way I make you moan my name as I rock into you over and over”, he purred. You shut your eyes tight, willing yourself to not succumb to his dirty talk as you always did.
“Stop it”, you whispered, your stomach already pooling with the familiar but unwanted feeling of arousal. “You fucking love it when I leave marks all over you, because you’re mine.”
You opened your eyes when he paused, to find he hadn’t moved an inch. He was eyeing you darkly, silently willing for you to go to him. For you to give in. And of course you were having an internal battle with yourself. Do you give in? Do you run into the nearest room and call someone to help you out?
“Yoongi”, you practically whimpered his name. “Stop.”
He smiled. “Every part of you is screaming for me to continue…yet you’re asking me to stop. You’ve changed baby.”
“I can’t be with the boy my best friend loves. If that makes me a bad person then so be it.” And not only that, you felt that you would be somehow wronging Taehyung, even though the two of you weren’t actually together. But you had genuine feelings for Taehyung…
But Yoongi…
God, you were stumped. You didn’t know what to do.
“My poor baby’s thinking so hard about this”, Yoongi hummed. He sounded pleased you were actually giving it a thought. “Why don’t I help you make up your mind?”
He swiftly made his way to you as you watched, rooted to the spot. Just the proximity had you feeling weak. Yoongi’s palm softly skimmed your cheek, and you instinctively leaned into his touch.
This was bad. This was unfair to Bora. And Taehyung. And if Hoseok found out, he’d be so disappointing in you.
But Yoongi…
You sighed as his hands travelled up and down your arms. He was moving slowly, cautiously, gauging your reaction, and you were hardly giving him anything to go by.
“We both know you belong with me y/n”, he murmured, the tone of his voice making your spine tingle. “Not him. Me. I know you. I love you. No one else.”
And with those words, he leant down to kiss you, cradling the back of your head to bring you closer to him. The familiar feeling of his lips should have had you pulling away in disgust, but instead it calmed you, and you found yourself kissing back, your hand making it’s way to his nape.
Shit. Why were you so weak when it came to Min Yoongi?
He hummed in approval as you tugged at his hair. One last time? Could you let him do this to you for the sake of it? Well he was here now, and you knew he wouldn’t leave easily. Plus you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want it as much as he did.
You pulled back slowly. “We shouldn’t.”
“Why?”, he challenged, his hold on you tightening. He stared at you, that signature undying fire in his eyes. Why? What a question. Perhaps because he had already shown that he could be unfaithful. Perhaps because only last night, he had had a threesome to make you jealous. Perhaps because he was manipulative and cold and possessive.
“Why?”, you repeated quietly. “Because I’m sick of your games.”
“My games? Princess what part of this makes you think it’s a game? I fucking want this, OK? I want you. No funny business. No games. Just the two of us.” As he was talking, he had started to play with the hem of your blouse.
Before you could fathom his intentions, he pulled the material over your head, his eyes drinking you in. You wanted this, but simultaneously didn’t want this. For how many hours had you pined after him, only for him to treat you like trash?
And finally, your dreams were- literally-coming true. But at what cost? It didn’t feel right, now that he was your friends ex, and you had potentially found someone else.
Yoongi leant down again, pressing his lips hard against yours, his tongue demanding entrance to your mouth. Yoongi began to push you backwards until you had fallen back onto your couch. He extended his arms out, resting his hands on either side of you, the kiss remaining unbroken.
You were torn. Without Hoseok there to hold your hand, or Taehyung’s words to guide you through it, you were lost. Your hands pulled him closer, although your mind was yelling at you to push him away.
His hands were all over you, and your mind was a whirlwind of confused thoughts, as your hands also found their way under his shirt, skimming the smooth skin underneath.
Then his shirt was off. You tugged at his hair again, and in retaliation, he bit down on your lip, grunting at the sensation. You pulled away for air, and stared in awe t the ethereal being before you. His beauty wasn’t something you would ever get used to, or get over.
“Yoongi”, you breathed out quietly, just loud enough for him to hear. The two of you had never been so intimate before. With him, all you had ever been was a quick fuck, and nothing more.
“That’s right”, he panted. “That’s the only name you should be saying. Again.”
You shakily reached out, and placed your hand on his cheek, your eyes never leaving his. “Yoongi”, you repeated obediently, your thumb stroking the slightly pink skin.
He hummed in satisfaction, his smile making you weak. “Who do you love?”
He tilted his head questioningly as you bit your already sore bottom lip. Who did you love? You decided there was only one answer in your current situation. “Yoongi.”
Yoongi smirked in satisfaction, and lunged forward to capture your lips in a languid kiss. Your hands found their way to the top of his jeans, wanting him to remove the article of clothing. He caught on, quickly stepping out of them, standing before you in just his boxers.
You tried to ignore the marks on his body. Marks that had been made by other girls- including Bora, no doubt. But before your guilt got the better of you, Yoongi spoke.
“You know, I always thought it was weird that I’d call you back. Whenever you ignored me, I absolutely hated it. It took me so long to realise I had feelings for you…too long.”
He stood you up, sat down, and placed you on top of him in swift movements, the skirt you were still wearing riding up. You immediately bucked your hips upon contact with his clothed member and he chuckled. “What’s the rush, sweetheart?”
Before you could respond, a hasty knock on your door made you freeze. Was it that girl again?
“Ignore it”, Yoongi murmured, resting his hands on your hips.
“Y/n? You in?”
Your heart sank at the voice, and Yoongi noticed the way you stiffened on his lap.
“I said ignore it”, he leaned forward and whispered in your ear as you stared at the door.
“Hell-oo?”, Taehyung sang cheerily. “Anyone home?” You tried to push yourself off Yoongi, but he gripped you fervently. “Please”, you whispered back.
“That’s strange”, you heard Taehyung murmur, his voice muffled by the door. “I’m sure Hoseok said she was in.”
Your phone started ringing a moment later, and you knew it was Taehyung. Your phone wasn’t on silent- and you were sure Taehyung could hear the ringing from outside.
It didn’t take long, before you heard an unwelcome familiar voice. “Excuse me? You’re being too loud.” It was that girl, Jessica.
“Sorry”, Taehyung apologised. “I think my friend’s asleep in there.”
Jessica giggled, and you gritted your teeth at the sound.
“Trust me. If she’s in there with Min Yoongi, she’ll be doing anything but.”
That’s when you quickly got off Yoongi, reaching for your discarded blouse and smoothing down your hair. You ran to the door, hesitating to open it when you heard Taehyung’s unamused voice shake you to your very core.
“What did you just say?”
“She has a guy in there with her”, Jessica repeated, clearly not noticing the sudden shift in Taehyung’s mood. “Why?… Oh my God, you’re not her boyfriend, are you?”
“No”, Taehyung affirmed, and you wanted to cry at how angry he sounded, You had fucked up. Big time. “I most certainly am not. Thanks for telling me…?”
“It’s Jessica.”
“…Jessica. You’ve been a great help.”
It was when you heard Jessica’s door close, you opened your own door, hastily stepping out without your shoes to go after him. He was waiting for the lift, his normally happy-go-lucky demeanour very much the opposite.
“Tae!”, you called out, before he stepped in.
“No y/n”, he shook his head vehemently. “Save it. He’s in there, isn’t he?”
You hung your head, not knowing how to even start explaining yourself. Because you had done it again. You had given into Yoongi- again.
“Taehyung…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen”, you muttered, knowing your door was open and Yoongi was probably listening. Tears welled in your eyes as you assessed the hopeless situation you were in.
“But it did happen. I came here to…talk about us being a serious thing, but I guess I got my answer, huh?”
“Taehyung, no, please don’t-”
“-I’ve got to go. I can’t be here right now. I really hoped you would forget him. That I would be enough.”
“Taehyung, can we please just talk?”
“No baby. Leave him.” You turned abruptly to see a shirtless Yoongi stood by your door. Motherfuck.
You turned back around and came face to face with a livid Taehyung, your eyes silently willing with him to stay and listen. “Tae…”, you had one last feeble attempt at getting him to stay, reaching out for his arm, but he moved away. A simple action, but it hurt.
He stepped into the lift, as the doors slid open once more, pressing the button for the ground floor, without even sparing you a glance. The last thing you saw before the doors shut on you was his cold stare- directed at you.
You stood there, staring at the lift, feeling numb. Yoongi, to his discretion, decided not to come near you and stood watching you by your door. You inhaled sharply, and turned to him.
It took all your energy not to scream and curse- your hands were shaking from the effort. Yoongi frowned slightly, confusion tainting his handsome features.
“What? Why? Because of him?”
Your silence was enough of a response. “Hold on a second”, he started. As soon as he raised his voice, you hurriedly entered your own apartment, not wanting to have that girl come out again to tell you to be quiet.
“You just told me you love me. Why are you getting so upset over him?”
You knew why. You just weren’t going to say it in front of Yoongi. “Yoongi, just go. Why did you come out shirtless? You knew he would get mad!”
“I want him to know who’s you are!”
“I’m not yours!”,you yelled suddenly, startling him. You shook your head, repeating it, a lot quieter. “I’m not yours. I’m not anybodies.”
You were surprised at the way he looked at you. Such a caring expression on his face. He looked upset. “Y/n…fine, I’ll go. But don’t you dare think I’m gonna give up on you.” He grabbed his shirt, putting it on in one fluid movement.
“I love you.”
And that was the last thing he said, before he walked out, shutting the door behind him. You were still shell-shocked as you re-played that moment with Taehyung in your head. He was mad. And rightly so.
Hoseok was at work, and obviously you couldn’t tell Bora about Yoongi, so you helplessly paced your apartment, wondering if there was anyway for you to appease Taehyung.
About an hour after Yoongi left, Bora called. You instantly feared the worst, picking up reluctantly. “Hello?”
“Heyyy y/n! How are you?”, you physically winced at the unexpected loud and cheery voice on the other end.
“I’m…good”, you replied, although you were anything but. Before you could stop yourself, you blurted out “Bora, I have to tell you something.” You were so anxious, you hadn’t realised that she had already begun talking.
“…So, me and my boyfriend are going out to eat later. Picking out a cute dress. What colour should I go for? Black or red?”
You stiffened. “Boyfriend?”, you questioned, voice wavering. You refused to think the worst. “You moved on quickly, didn’t you?”, you laughed nervously, although you had the sudden urge to cry.
“Don’t be silly babe”, Bora laughed. “I mean Yoongi! We patched things up last night. He even came over with flowers, can you believe. Oh, what did you wanna tell me?…..Hello? Y/n?”
You sat there, staring at the wall, feeling like absolute shit. You were an idiot. “Pick red. You always look good in red.”
“Thanks babe. But what were you going to s-”
You hung up. It didn’t matter what you were going to say. Yoongi had played you again. And you had most likely lost Taehyung.
Nothing you had to say seem important anymore. Just like Yoongi said when you backhandedly confessed your feelings to him.
None of it matters.
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