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Sorry it took so long.Writers block and just busy lol. I hope it doesn't seem to rushed and out of order.I really wanted to get this chapter out.I did my best.Please enjoy.I know the next chapter will be way better. Also I did change my name if you didn't notice: @DayDaySMDC idk I'm thinking of changing it again lol anyways enjoy:)
Reis Perspective The doctors came out with a grim look on his face. I was praying that what they were going to tell me was that they were able to bring her back. "We did everything we could yo try and bring her back but we failed. I'm sorry but Marricke' didn't make it. If you wish, you may go in and say your final goodbyes." I was in complete shock as I lost my balance and Duck caught me before I could fall to the floor. "No no no no no.... This can't be true. This can't be true. How could she be? Final goodbyes? I mean just this morning..." Duckie pulled me into his embrace as I cried in his arms. Jay's Perspective Did he just say what I think he said. I felt my knees hit the ground as I began to cry. How could the one person who loved life with all her might be gone. I don't understand. I walked into the room to go see her. Dok2 Perspective As the doctor delivered the news about M, I could feel my heart just sink. I slumped down to the floor and just lost it. I couldn't control any of my emotions. I mean she was gone. The one person who meant the most to me in this world. GONE. Just like that. Final goodbyes. I didn't want to say goodbye but I found myself walking towards her room.
Marricke' Perspective Silence. Stillness. I could see my body just laying their. The room a mess from the paddles and paper strewn all over the floor from the doctors. I can't believe it. I'm really gone. I hear the door creak open and see both Jay and Dok2 walk in. They stand on either side of me. Both holding my hand. They look at each other than at my lifeless body in complete disbelief. I could feel sadness and tears welling up in my eyes as they both spoke. "I'm so sorry M. For everything. I hope that one day you can forgive me for I will never forgive myself for what I did. I love you." He shed a tear and kissed my forehead and walked towards the back of the room. "Baby girl. I'm... I'm so sorry that I wasn't there. I hope that you have found your peace. I love you so much with all my heart and soul" he said as tears fell and kissed me on my lips one last time. As they both just sat there and looked at me one last final time they noticed a tear drop falling from my eye as I said on the outside looking in "Jay I forgive you. Dok2 I love you" and with that I was gone. Only looking down on them from above.
~Saturday~ "Ashley,Hurry up."Simon said through the bathroom door. "I'm coming."I said quickly slipping on my heels and walked out. I grabbed the flowers and quickly followed Simon out of the apartment.Wondering why I'm at Simon's.I didn't want to be left alone in the apartment and Reis was still getting herself situated into the new apartment.I didn't want to be a bother.If that make sense.Anyways drove to the funeral home and the ride was pretty quiet since we still haven't resolved anything and he was just being nice letting me stay.Also today isn't the day to even talk about us.Right now it's all about celebrating Marricke's life and coming home party. Simon pulled up to the front and I see Dok2 with Reis and Duck bring everything in that's needed.I got out with the flowers and walked over to them saying hi then headed inside.I walked into the room seeing Jay setting up her picture. "Hi."I said walking towards him. "Oh hey Ashley."Jay said trying to smile. "Here's the flowers."I said handing them to him.What was there to say.Seeing her picture and casket in front of us it's still crazy that she is gone.Feels like we were at the club being our trouble making selves and now here mourning her death. "Everything's set."Reis said walking in. "Alright." Everyone began showing up and started the funeral.I sat next to Jay holding his hand letting him know I'm here. The pastor walked up to the front starting the funeral. "Family and friends we are all gathered here to celebrate the life of Marricke." As the pastor went on I couldn't help but space out thinking about everything.
Once the song ended Jay began praying while we watched waiting for each of our turns.Jay finished and stood by the side watching everyone.I noticed Dok2 had waterfalls coming from his eyes.He loved her so much and it really pains me to see both of them hurting like this. It was my turn as I went to pray I couldn't help but burst out into tears sitting there looking at her picture.Why did you have to leave?Simon quickly came over helping me up and held me close.This is too much for me. As the praying finished Jay stayed just in case more people showed up later.Simon and I headed back to his place since we all decided to have the coming home party at his place.
Jay POV It's been an hour since everyone's left and I know they are all waiting on me at the house.I said my last good bye to Marricke and took her picture with me. I walked into the house putting the picture in the living room and seeing all the food Reis and Ashley cooked.Ive never seen them cook so much.Actually I've never seen them cook. "Looks good ladies."I said. "It better." Reis said. "The real question is does it taste good?"Duck said kissing Reis's cheek. "Babe really.You know Damon well it taste good.Better than what you can make. "You two are something else."Dok2 said grabbing himself a plate of food. "Simon.You hungry?"Ashley said making a plate. "Yes I am." I noticed Ashley is trying to keep herself busy.Making Simon a plate and she also made me a plate not realizing.There has to be something more on her mind then just Marricke being gone. "Ash.You going to eat?"Simon asked as she was cleaning the kitchen. "I'm fine.Jay when do you want to let the balloons go?" "Once we finish eating would be good." "Ok." She walked out to the bedroom I guess getting the balloons ready.Maybe she just wants this night to go right.Not sure.I'll leave her alone.I know that's the best thing for her. As we were laughing about all the crazy stories we had involving Marricke I noticed Ashley was trying to laugh and then would remain quiet while we each told stories.Something has to be bothering her. "Day Day.Bestie.Lets go outside." "Jay Jay.Lead the way." I walked out to the balcony with Ashley following right behind. "This all feels like my fault."Ashley spoke looking at the city. "What do you mean.It was an accident." "An accident we could've avoided if I didn't want to rush down and try to stop Simon's wedding."She said as tears began to fall from her eyes."I should've just pretended like I was fine and stayed home with her talking about her night,but no.I wanted to be in a salty ass mood complaining.We could've just stayed home.None of this would've happened." "Shhh.Its not your fault."I said pulling her into a hug trying not to show my tears. "Balloon time!"Reis yelled walking out with white and purple balloons. "Let's do it."Ashley said grabbing a balloon. We all got balloons and wrote messages on them with Sharpie to send to heaven for Marricke to read. "1..2..3"We all counted before letting go.
~4 Months Later~ Simon POV "Simon.Love of mine.You gotta put your back in to it."Ashley said watching Jay and I lift the couch. "Babe.I am.Unless you want to do it."I said getting ready to drop my side of the couch. "Be careful.This is going in my new apartment."Reis said coming out of Marricke's room carrying a box of belongings. "We are."Jay said also getting frustrated with them bossing is around. "Don't you have things to pack?"Jay said towards Ashley. "Alright.Alright.I'll y'all to it." Oh if you didn't notice Ashley and I worked everything out and she is official moving in with me.Anyways Jay and I got the couch into the moving truck the girls came down with all these clothes. "Are those both of yours?"Jay asked. "This is all hers."Reis said pointing towards Ashley. "How is this suppose to fit.This is more than you had last time."I said amazed at all the clothes she has. "What can I say.I shop when upset."She said putting the clothes in the car. As I look at her smile and everything.I just think about what if she had passed away too. Jay POV I grabbed the last of Marricke's things and looked around the apartment once last time remembering all the fun we had.All the happy memories.I was about to close the door for the last time I feel a breath near my neck. "I love you."Someone whispered in my ear.I looked next to me and see no one in sight.I didn't get scared.I knew exactly who it was. "I love you too Baby Girl."I smiled and closed the door.
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😭😭😭😭😭😭 that was so sad and good!!!!
>.> day day.... Jay jay...i just now noticed your secret pet names for each other
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@pandaqueenbee she didn't tell me what she wrote but yes. It was good for the story. now I'm over here crying and in my feels
@daydaysmdc OMG!! Yo you had me crying this early in the morning... My heart feels broken. Woah... Damn woman that was amazing and so sad!!! πŸ’”πŸ˜˜πŸ˜žπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ˜žπŸ’”
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I'm crying so hard right now I am so sorry this makes me so sad my heart hurts poor jay and dok2
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@twistedlove Yea that's true I get you. And yes it made me cry too when she died. It was a crazy emotional scene but yea. The final chapter will have a much better mood!