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CNBLUE is about to release their second Japanese album on the 28th of August. The second album is titled "What Turns You On?" Although there is not much information yet regarding the tracks of the album or what to expect of it, the fans are still waiting with bated breath until its release on the 28th of August. This is going to be their 2nd major release album in Japan. Before the release, to make sure that fans are still preparing for their comeback, CN BLUE has decided to unveil photos from the album. These are the different album covers planned for usage on the album. All three photographs feature the members in a monochrome setting with a dark background, but they all have their own feels and vibes. One has them in an undone sort of background with a ladder and a curtain billowing in the back, giving off a sort of first draft feel. The next photograph we see the boys in their best element, with their instruments and amplifiers all around them, ready to rock another show. The last picture shows the boys with no props whatsoever, just them in a blackened background, each member half shadowed by the darkness.