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Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone has preordered BTS WINGS album yet. If so... WHERE? because shipping may kill my bank!
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I don't know where to preorder it but I do know there's 4 versions of it, which one are you getting? (When put together they make an image, so cool :3 )
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I did and I got all 4... Shipping was only 15.90 from, came up to about 80.00! I cannot wait.
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Just put my order in...I chose the random option because I couldn't decide... Did the middle shipping opt. so I could track my order. So we'll see what happens. Counting the days now!
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you can preorder it from pretty much any kpop album website like
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I got mine from Kpop spent 25 dollars I got version N for Namjoon lol
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Shipping was 11 dollars
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