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God is doing the same thing He has done for centuries and that is keeping His integrity in everything. The tragedies and loss of life have been a part of living in this world from the start of creation and will continue until all things have come to the knowledge and bow down to recognize and reverent that Jesus is not only Savior but Lord of all. The first thing we have to admit that regardless of one’s belief system, is that we have no real control over our life whether it pertains to provision, protection, prosperity or for that matter our mortality. Sure, we all work and earn and can achieve some level of security but it all can be lost overnight, in a flash by war, disease, and natural disasters. For without commerce, we all come face to face with our very survival and instincts to make sense of basic struggles. We come face to face with the very thing that causes many of us to seek answers and call onto God. Our humanity.
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I don't think the philosophy channel is a place for propaganda... you can never escape you types huh? sorry if I come off as rude.