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It's been a while since I comprised an updated Taglist.

It's about that time again, since I have seen new faces creeping around.

☆☆ If you are already on my Taglist, then fantastic.

This is also an opportunity for you to tell me if I have annoyed you enough and you just want me off your feed. It's okay. I'm spazztix and extremely random, so no hard feelings ♡ ♧♧ Also I just want a general list too, I have hit roadblocks where I haven't known who to tag outside my normal groups.

As I said, I'm adding the Taglists I have so far. If you see a Taglist you want on, or not on just let me know ♡

☆☆ I'll do the footwork of searching for your name ☆☆

ღ Preciosu Bebes ღ

☆ This will be my General/Family Taglist ☆

ღ Cross Gene ღ

ღ EXO ღ


ღ SHINee ღ

ღ Uniq ღ

ღ 24K ღ

ღ 100% ღ

ღ VIXX ღ

ღ Boys Republic ღ

ღ BTOB ღ

ღ B2ST ღ

ღ B.A.P ღ

ღ JJCC ღ

ღ High4 ღ

ღ Monsta X ღ

ღ Infinite ღ

ღ Madtown ღ

ღ Fanfic ღ

ღ Games/Challenges ღ

ღ Got 7 ღ

ღ BTS ღ

1) If you ask to be tagged, well then reciprocate and add me to your taglist ♡ I love seeing cards ♡

2) I'll try not to swarm your notifications, but I have a very fragilé heart and tend to spazz.

☆☆ things happen: we are all human here & make mistakes, so you may have a day where you wake up and see that my smiley face (it may be a frown with my profile pic) is in your notifs. Sorry. ☆☆
I'm greedy so I want to be on all of them
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Yeasss! haha I got you Sweetums!
a year ago
Please tag me for: EXO VIXX Infinite Games/Challenges Got7 BTS
a year ago·Reply
I'll add you! Thank you Dear.
a year ago
GOT7, BTS, & Games/Challenges Please😄 Edit:I forgot fanfics...and EXO I'm so off today😂
a year ago·Reply
Haha it's okay! I have you added! thank you! ♡
a year ago
Can you tag me for BTS, Got7, VIXX and EXO?
a year ago·Reply
I sure can thank you! ♡
a year ago
alll of ittt omma!
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