Username Change!!
Hello everyone just wanted to let you guys know I've changed my username instead of reyestiny93 Now I'm Monunicorn a combination of my UB group and UB.. You got it Monsta x and Lay. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ
LITMONBEKinK SQUAD: @JohnEvans (MinTaeKookfingermaster) @Vatcheeafandi99 (I.MFingersVatch) @Kpopqueenabee @IsoldaPazo (IdolIsSex) @vixxstarlight1 (karlalickstaetaesneck) @VKookie47 (VkookieNeckSucker) @HerosBells @StefaniTre (YongStefLipLicker) My Tag List: @MichelleIbarra @Kpossible4250 @ItatiSanchez @laurenthedemon @IsoldaPazo @SamanthaAcosta @bigbangvip2243 @jjrock @kimnam94 @kanatm @drummergirl691 @KiinLyr @HeavenlyLopez @elainarenea @LinnyOk @CrystalGuerra *Let me know if you want to be added or removed*
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Lay be stilling a whole lotta hearts lately
a year ago·Reply
@LinnyOk his actually been my. bias since the beginning😊
a year ago·Reply
love him a lot me self
a year ago·Reply
ayeee @MonUnicorn and PrincessUnicorn~~ Let's represent Lay on Vingle together <3
a year ago·Reply