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So first off I am sorry for taking so long to update I am feel horrible >o< But
I will post a chapter each day until the final chapter so you will have a chapter for the next few days because we are in the last stages of the story! <3
Y/n Pov
My pleas fell on deaf ears as I watched his back grow smaller by the second. “ No this can't be real. This is just some twisted dream there is no way this is actually happening right?” I sobbed crumbling onto the cold grey concrete . “ Hey Y/n..” Binnie started, but quickly bit back his words. “ Well done Hanbin-ssi you did better than expected.” A Voice echoed from the shadows as they cooed slowly heading our way. “ Now having Bobby check on you was a nice touch though, and it saves me so much time.” He chuckled walking into view. “ Jiyong-ssi.” I stuttered trying to comprehended what was going on. Just then it hit me “ Of course it was you. Who else would pretended to attack me.” I stated with little emotion refusing to look towards them. “ You have done a fabulous job Binnie, but your assistance is no longer needed you can leave now.” Jiyong hissed with a small smile playing on his lips.
“ Wait you can't expect me to just leave like that I thought we had a deal?” He protested looking towards me. “ Hanbin you should just leave.” I spat as our eyes met while I slowly tried to pick myself off the ground. “ And you why exactly are you here?” I hissed glaring towards the only one who wore a smug expression. “ Since when does your manger need a reason to show up.” Jiyong laughed walking over towards me as if I was going to run. “ Wait manger?” Hanbin stuttered as his eyes doubled in size.
“ Why exactly are you still here Binnie you have already done enough damage.” I muttered weakly as Jiyong quickly wrapped his arm around my waist leading me towards a car park a little bit away. “ Wait.” Binnie started, but quickly fell silent as our eyes met once again. “ Kim Hanbin maybe you were right all those years ago. I should of never seen you or the others again.” I smiled half-heartedly before turning to leave as Hanbin stood their frozen.
“ But really why are you here Jiyong-ssi.” I sighed once we were finally seated. “ Do I have to have a reason to come see my favourite person?” He beamed smugly as I wanted nothing more than to reach out and smack the smile off his face. “ I know better than that now tell me what is going on.” I hissed looking into his eyes fighting the urge to hit him. “ Fine you got me, we are leaving for Korea in the morning Boss man wants to see you.” He sighed as his tone took on a serious edge. “ I can't I am still filming.” I sighed while his smile grew as well as my anger. “ That is exactly why we are heading to finish the last few scenes before we leave.” He smirked clearly amused by my reaction. “ Wait we are shooting a weeks worth of work in just a few hours?!” I exploded finally letting loose the anger I had been holding in. “ Are you crazy It's the middle of the night who would even agree to your selfish plans.” I continued as he only watched me amused. “ You done now Princess?” He chuckled once the car came to a halt in front of the studio. “ Kwon Jiyong you are the worst.” I sighed following his lead out of the car without much choice in the matter.
“ Y/n is everything okay I was so shocked when we received the call about how you had to leave immediately. Thankfully I was able to convince them to let you finish the filming before you leave.” The director quickly said while awkwardly pulling me into a hug. ' So it was his idea not Jiyong's?' I thought while glancing towards the now smug man beside me. “ Thank you for letting me finish I am so terribly sorry about this and dragging everyone out in the middle of the night.” I quickly bowed making him flush as we quickly set up to film the last few scenes I would be in.
“ And that's a wrap thank you all for coming out so late.” The director yelled as we all quickly said our goodbyes. “ I knew you could do it Princess.” Jiyong cooed as we rushed towards the car. “ Of course.” I muttered as exhaustion took over while my phone started to ring. “ Hello?” I grunted not paying attention to the name. “ Noona! Have you seen Hanbin Hyung or Bobby Hyung?!” Chanwoo practically screamed into the phone waking me up instantly. “ Wait what do you mean they aren't there?!” I exclaimed asthe events of earlier came rushing back. “ Hanbin Hyung never came back, and Bobby Hyung went to check on him and never came back either now it is 8 a.m.” He whined like he always did when he was worried. “ I am sure they are fine, just wait they will show up before you kn..” I tried to calm his worries, but was quickly cut off by the yells of the others followed by a loud thud from the phone dropping. “ Bobby Hyung! Where have you been? Where is Hanbin?” The questions came rushing out one by one, but the one that stood out the most completely destroyed me. “ Hyung where is your ring?” June asked after a moment of silence. “ Oh that old thing? I threw it away.” He casually laughed as if it meant nothing to him. “ As for Hanbin why not ask his girlfriend I am sure she knows where he is.” He scoffed as everyone erupted pressing him for questions, but my world had gone dark as the phone slipped from my hands. “ You okay Y/n?” Jiyong quickly asked grabbing my phone but I no longer cared about anything.
😅😅 He really is isn't he. That's just how he decided to come out so far 😅
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@Junhwanbae92 Ok glad you understood lol.
Word. Every fan fiction I have read that involves him, he is either sweet or tough or both but in this he is so cruel. Why?
why is Jiyong so cruel 😢