Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 We packed our stuff to go see the stars. In the car, y/n got bored and asked to play a game. "Oppa! I know a game!" "What?" "Let's play a secret telling game! We have to tell each other mistakes or embarrassing things we did." A secret? I had a big one. "I'll start first." "Okay, go ahead y/n." "Umm.... I messed up your favorite sweater.." "What?!" "You know.. the pink one.." I wasn't happy at that confession, but what was I gonna do? I didn't want to argue with her during the five months. "Sorry.." "It's okay. It's my turn right?" "Yeah!" "So, when I went to the doctors... uh.." I started to hesitate if I should tell her or not. Telling her might hurt her but It would've probably hurt even more if she found out in an unfortunate way.. But... I didn't want to ruin the happiness that was going on right now. "Oppa?" "Oh, sorry, I just got carried away" "So, when you went to the doctors?" "Oh yeah, When I went to the doctors, I fell, and heard this weird sound. So I went to the bathroom, my pants ripped!" "Really?!" No.. Liar. "Yeah." She started to laugh so hard, I thought her laughter was going to echo through my head all day. In the end, I didn't get to tell her. When we arrived, we set up our tent, our chairs, and started to make some food. We were too lazy to make something big, so we brought ramen. "Oppa! I know you make the best ramen in the world~" I smiled, "Don't worry, I was going to make it anyway." "Of course, I only have you oppa! What would I do with out you~" I looked up at her and a sudden thought went across me. What would you do without me? I shook my head and tried to focus on having a good time with y/n. As I made the ramen, y/n started to run around the area. "It's sooo nice! There's no one here, it's just us two!" She suddenly came up to me and said, "Do you think people will start coming here? I don't want them to come!! It's so nice, just you and me." I couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. "I'm so glad y/n, that you love it here. Since your happy, it's making me happy also. You cheer me up so much~" She beamed with a big smile. "Wow!! Thanks for the ramen oppa!" She started to dig in. "OMG THIS IS SO GOOD" I ruffled her hair, "Thanks for eating it so well" "MY PLEASURE" I started to laugh at her obnoxiousness and childish actions. After eating, I secretly took medication and quickly put it in my mouth. I drank water and swallowed it right over. Doing this secretly now became a habit, and it didn't really bother me as much anymore. But, it always gave me a hint of reality every time. I went into the tent, where y/n was wrapped around with blankets. The tent was able to open on the top, so she laid down waiting for the stars to fall. "You warm?" I asked while going into the tent. "I think it'll be warmer, if you hug me." She giggled. "I think so too!" I hugged her as tight as possible. "Ah~ it's so warm." We laid down together in silence. Not awkward at all. Rather comforting. I had a lot of thoughts in my head at that time. "Y/n-ah?" "Yeah?" "What would you do if someone you loved left you?" "Ummm... I would... be sad. Honestly, I would blame myself for it. It's not their fault that they left me. I probably did something that they didn't like. That's why they're feelings would dissolve and they would leave me." She was too kind. I couldn't leave her. "Why do you ask that?" "Just because.. Just because.." "Don't say those things, it scares me." That's when the stars started to fall. "Oppa! Look!" They were beautiful. Falling down, and then they disappeared. It looked like they resembled me. Shining so brightly at first, but then slowly disappearing one by one. "Y/n, don't worry.. I would never leave you." Liar. "I know you won't, you love me!" I kissed her on the forehead. "I love you y/n."
ehhhhhhh 😭😭😭 How can you do this to me!!! Please continue on with this beautiful angst story
fucking feels man (T⌓T) I hate this but I love it cause it's so good
I kept thinking about Ailee's Heaven when I read this