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Thank you @EvilGenius for making this card. I haven't looked to see what all I got, but I am excited!!!
Oh dear... We are just friends. Friends go on dates all the time, right?
Now I don't like roses, but he definitely knows I like the colour black. These are gorgeous
At least I DO NOT HAVE TO WALK AROUND. Haunted places scare me good. So this is perfect.
Wait. You can't confess.

No, No.

You are with @Helixx

언니, I didn't do anything I swear.
His eye smile is so contagious. Oh Hyunsik, you gorgeous lad.
Damn this ring though!


Thank you for playing!!!! You got the ring I was hoping for lol.
Ilhoon is chasing after you quite badly. But Hyunsik... he's so gorgeous. That eye smile is to die for and his smooth, silky vocals could win over any heart.