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Episode 9~
The imitation of a sincere smile coming from the corners of his mouth made your skin crawl. The brief few seconds of locked eye contact didn't help the situation either for every cell in your body screamed at you to run, to hide, to find TOP and bury yourself into his chest. The smile might have been staged enough to fool the others in the room, but you knew better. His eyes screamed a different message.
He hadn't done anything. He hadn't spoken out of terms with you, he hadn't made a dirty face at you, he hadn't even given you the wrong paperwork for you to fill out. On the contrary, he had helped you get adjusted, answered every question, carried messages between you and the CEO, and even questions for when the superstar life style had began to stress you out.
And yet, you still had the revolting feeling of running and running hard the seconds your eyes met.
The replica of his delighted smile stayed frozen on his face as he bowed towards you and excused himself out of the room, his arm brushing against yours as he exited the recording room.
"Ah yes, the paperwork for the Inkigayo performance. Thank you for reminding me," the CEO snaps you back from your paralyzed state.
"Y-yes." You take a few more steps and hand him the documents, bowing your head to to Teddy and Psy that were also in the room with YG.
"We could always ask her, she's pretty close to the members, maybe Seung-Hyun mentioned something," Psy grins.
YG's lip twitches for a second before looking back up at you, "have you talked to TOP lately?"
"I ran into him in the elevator this morning, why do you ask?"
"We're trying to figure out who his mystery girlfriend may be after the boss the information was leaked to the general public. Seung-Hyun has always been one to enjoy secrets and his private lifestyle doesn't help with much detail," Teddy responds.
<<Oh shit.>>
"Are you feeling okay, by the way? You look a little pale this morning," YG takes a second to look at you again.
Your face automatically reacts with a small smile and a light bow, "yes, it has just been a long night so I'm still waking up."
"Take care of yourself better. Once you start losing sleep, it's hard to get it back," Teddy says with YG nodding his head in agreement.
"Is that why you have a paint spot on your pants?" Psy asks, pointing towards your foot.
<<I what?>>
You look down, noticing an orange streak of paint towards the hem of your pants leg, immediately recalling the same color that was on the floor last night when you sat on the ground and watched TOP paint.
"I haven't even noticed," you giggle nervously. "It must have come from last night."
Psy raises an eyebrow, "you paint?"
Your heart shoots up towards your throat with the realization of what you just said. You clear your throat and smile politely, "no, it was just something I tried to do for fun. Obviously something I shouldn't do if I'm going to get it on my clothes."
Teddy and Psy grin at you then exchange glances.
"Continue to take care of yourself, please. I can't have you getting sick now while things are about to get hectic. You've been my right hand in the business department so I'll need you to stick around," YG states as he finishes signing the paperwork.
Teddy locks eye contact with you. "Wouldn't it be clever of Seung-Hyun to be dating someone we all know? Perhaps someone in the company so he could get away with seeing her all the type underneath our noses?"
Psy chuckles, making you break eye contact with Teddy and redirect your attention on him. "Real clever, don't you think?"
"Have these faxed to SBS as soon as possible, BigBang is to film tonight if Seung-Ri is feeling better," YG says, handing you the completed documents.
You bow, "I'll see that it gets done." Then bow farewell to the other two gentlemen in the room and exit.
<<They didn't catch on..... right? There's no way.>>
You lean your head back on the elevator wall, closing your eyes to ease your thoughts with the motion of the elevator ascending into building.
<<It'll be fine. TOP won't say anything, I doubt the members will open their mouths knowing what could happen, it'll be fine.>>
You step out of the elevator and head down the corridor, noticing your door slightly ajar.
You push the door in a little more, exposing the back of the man with the reluctant smile from earlier, hunched over your desk as if to be searching.
You clear your throat, "Can I help you?"
He freezes instantly, then quickly pivots around and shoots you another counterfeit smile. "I brought you tea." He sticks out his hand, offering the large cup to you.
"You looked so exhausted when I saw you earlier so I figured you just needed a boost of energy."
<<He poisoned it.>>
"I didn't know if you liked it sweet so I left the sugar packets on your desk," he continues, moving to the side to show you the small stack.
You take the cup and bow lightly, thanking him for the kind gesture then carefully maneuver around him, sensing his eyes on you as you settle into your chair.
"Were the papers for BigBang's comeback stage?" he asks.
You nod, logging onto the computer. "They're suppose to film tonight."
"Ah, that's good."
Silence quickly fills the room. Awkward silence.
He coughs softly, "so uh, have you received any more gifts from crazy sasaengs? You must be getting something every week with your increasing popularity."
"Acutally I-"
"Yaah, let's not make dinner tonigh-"
The color drains from your face at the sound of TOP's voice cutting off the second he realized you weren't alone in your office.
"Oh, sorry. I thought-"
YG's assistant turns and bows at TOP, "It's okay, I was just on my way out." He then turns back and smiles warmly at you as he picks up the paperwork. "I'll take these out of your hair and fax them right away." With another bow, he leaves your office.
Your eyes narrow down on TOP, "what the hell was that?" you hiss in a low voice to prevent anyone else from hearing.
"I didn't know!" he protests. "How am I suppose to know when you have company!?"
"My door was open!"
"Your door is always open!"
"I don't trust him," you mutter.
TOP turns towards the door and points, "really? What did he do?"
You shake your head then bury your face in your hands and breathe out slowly. "What were you saying?"
"I was saying that we shouldn't cook dinner tonight. I'll come pick you up and we'll go have dinner with the members..... if you still want to go."
You separate your fingers and peek at him, seeing his gentle face produce a dimple-filled grin that eliminated all trace of frustration from your thoughts.
"Of course I'll still want to go, but aren't you filming tonight?"
He grin transitions into a sly smirk, "silly, we're going afterwards. Filming shouldn't take that long."
"Okay, I'll go home and get ready at the end of the day."
You watch him leave with his phone ringing in his hand, making you lay your head on the desk to keep yourself thoughts from raging out of control so early in the morning.
The image of YG's assistant hunched over your desk flashes in your mind, replaying the small talk between you and him.
<<Any more gifts from sasaeng? I would have been notified if I received anything->>
You straighten up immediately, looking around to the side of the desk.
<<Where is it?>>
Standing up, you run around the desk and searching for the small paper bag wrapped like a gift that the receptionist had handed you the week before.
<<There's no way I would have opened it and forgot where I put it. Absolutely no way, I would have taken it home....>>
After several minutes of searching, you take a sit again chew on your lip, trying hard to remember the last time you had seen it.
You put your feet up on the arm chair and arch your back to pop your vertebrae, breathing in and out slowly to release the stress you had accumulated throughout the day.
One of TOP's records played gentle through the record player, easing you further into a state of tranquility.
<<TOP said it would only take a couple of hours.... I've got time to nap and shower later.>>
Your ears twitch to the sound of the doorknob jiggling, making you open an eye and retrieve your thoughts back from the piece of heaven you were on.
<<Don't tell me he forgot something, seriously, that man is something else.>>
You sit up properly and raise to your feet, heading in the door's direction to open the door until the door squeaked by itself as it opened up.
"I thought you forgot your key for a sec-"
"Key? Oh no, I'm much too skilled to need a key."
Panic starts to spring to life in your head, ignited by his falsify smirk of vile satisfaction.
"What are you doing here?" You growl, fully alert with trembling knees. You watch as he slams the door shut and steps further into the apartment, keeping steady eye contact.
"This would have been a lot more easier if you would have complied with my men, but I guess I have to do the dirty work in the end."
You take a step back with every one he takes forward, "I don't understand, why the hell are you here?"
"I'm sure you're not as stupid as other foreigners so if you come with me, I'll make sure not to kill you immediately."
"What? Why? Why are you doing this?"
"Because I hate you and what you've fucking become."
He lunges at you as he ends his sentence but you manage to dodge his arms and run to the kitchen. You grab a cup off the counter and fling at him, trying to hold him back as you figure out how to get to the door.
He jumps onto the kitchen island and tries to lunge at you again, causing you to take off towards the back of the apartment while knocking over furniture along the way to create obstacles for him to get over.
"Quit fucking around or I'll kill you in this goddamn house," he yells from behind.
<<Oh god, what do I do? What do I do!?>> "What did I do!" You yell back, grabbing one of the random shoes TOP had lying in his paint studio and knock over a jar of paint.
The man runs in, instantly slipping on the paint that you had spilled.
<<Now's my chance!>>
You jump around, failing to notice his outreached hand that grabbed onto your ankle and yanked you back down on the ground.
"Now I have you, fucking bitch." He growls, pinning you down on the ground with his body.
You kick your feet, enabling yourself to pull them up from underneath and kick him off of you with enough force to make him let go or your arms. You try to scramble to your feet, struggling with the paint on your legs that made things slicker than they should have been.
"Yaah, are you ready? The members are waiting for us-"
The familiar voice numbs your body completely, creating a tight knot in your throat that prevented you from banishing TOP from coming any closer.
As if telepathically getting the message, TOP runs into the room, his eyes wide and blazed with mixed emotions. Tears begin to gush out of your eyes, full of fear and relief for what had happened.
You watch as TOP slowly turns to the other side of the room and sees the culprit behind your distress, TOP's facial expressions instantly transitioning into an enraged facade.
"You...." He takes a step forward, "you fucking did this didn't you. All of this!?"
Before the man could even open his mouth, TOP dove towards him, his hands balled up into fists and swinging the moment he got close enough.
Your body freezes, paralyzed by the amount of rage TOP put into every punch without any sign of mercy.
<<He's- he's going to kill him at this rate.>>
"Seung-Hyun," you manage to squeak, but TOP didn't budge. "Seung-Hyun!" You say louder.
The eoching sound of bone hitting bone shoots waves inside of you, breaking you free of your trance. You raise up and run to TOP, trying to get him to stop but getting nowhere.
<<Phone. Where's the phone!?>>
You run out of the room and locate his cell phone lying in the middle of the hallway then pick it up instantly and dial Ji-Yong.
"Yaah, what's taking so long? We're getting hung-"
"Ji-Yong! Come up quickly! TOP's going to kill him!"
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