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Hello! I'm Bella also known as Kai or Luhan! I'm honored to be the moderator of Super Junior! I was a Moderator Supporter for @GamerKyumin for the Super Junior Community and was very sad to see her leave her position as moderator. I wish her the best and I will for sure be a great moderator for this community and will make her and Vingle proud. I'm new at this moderator thing but I'll do my best!
I am doing a moderator support group for any of you who are interested! @QueenPandaBunny is one of the moderator supporters! So I'm looking for at least four more. If you'd like to be a supporter comment below or message me and I'll talk to you!
I would love to join your team!
Oh and also welcome to the community I will be looking forward to your cards idk if you have a tag list I should already be on that list lol but in case you don't have it plz don't forget to tag. Once again welcome to the pearl sapphire blue ocean hehe 🌊🌊
Me I would love to join the squad 😊😊✌️✌
I would love to join you mod support team.