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When I was pulled into kpop one of the few groups I listened to was very small compared to my list now. Super Junior was on that small list. This group I don't know what it's is but every now and then I got to my playlist on YouTube and just list to them. I do get distracted by a few now with Bonamana....
I am still learning about them and it still amazes me on how many there are and I do have my favorites within the group.
Leeteuk I have seen him in many variety shows and got to see who he was as a person. Also I like on how he takes care of his members.
Donghae and Eunhyuk Him and Eunhyuk whom I miss so much right now since they are fulfilling their duty for their country. These two I love on how well they work together as a duo.
Shindong this man gets me all the time with his smile.
Yesung when I first saw him I thought he was Lee Min Ho oppa. though I know I am completely wrong.
Siwon when I first say Siwon I had no idea who he was but he caught my attention in every music video.
like to said I don't know much as I am still learning. however, when i feel the need to listen to them I do. their songs are really catchy.
heechul and Siwon are my husbands xD
I've got this love hate thing going with Kyu lately. I know that Leeteuk will always be bae, but it annoys me that Kyu is only 12 days older than me. I'd have trouble calling him Oppa.